The Happiness Factor

By Remez Sasson

If you analyze people's actions, you will come to the conclusion that they all seek happiness. Every act is in fact, a search for happiness, even if on the surface it doesn't look so.

Going to the movies, eating in a restaurant, going to a party, traveling abroad, buying clothes or gadgets are motivated by the desire to be happy. There is always this happiness factor inside you, moving you to seek happiness.

If what you do is enjoyable and you like it, a feeling of happiness arises. This will drive you to seek this same activity again, in order to repeat this pleasant feeling.

Daydreams, Expectations and Hope Contribute to the Happiness Factor

Do you daydream about a vacation in some fascinating location, about a new car, a new house, or the ideal match? Do you expect and hope that things will get better? All people daydream, expect and hope, and sometimes, they try to make their daydreams, expectations and hopes come true, because they believe their realization would make them happy.

Goals and achievements also start as daydreams. Often, the joy that daydreams bring, create the drive to work on making them come true.

Some people, go to the extreme with their search for happiness. They seek danger and risk themselves, because these acts bring them a sense of exhilaration. They climb steep mountains, enter unexplored caves, or dive into the deeps of the ocean.

The happiness factor dictates the behavior and drives people to take action. Of course, not all actions end in happiness. It is the motivating factor, but not results bring the coveted goal.

The Happiness Factor Is Within You

We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. The spiritual part is always happy. It is the happiness factor. Your mind and thoughts hide this happiness essence, like a cloud hiding the sun, but it is there all the time. We seek happiness outside, because we believe it is out there, but it is actually always within you. It starts from within, but we associate it with external events, possessions, and people.

No matter what activity is sought, at the moment that happiness is experienced, something happens. Whether it is the thrill of arriving to the summit of a high mountain, eating a delicious cake or winning the lottery. There is a common element that is always present.

At the peak of happiness, there is a stoppage of the thinking process. There is inner silence, and worries are dropped. There is peace. The competition or dangers are over or not felt. This might last for a brief moment or a little bit longer. In this vast peace we feel happy. It is not the object gained or the successful performance that brought this feeling. It is something internal and independent of the outside world.

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Happiness is always here, but it is covered by thoughts, desires and fears. It is experienced when these covers disappear for a while. When fear or worry come to an end or a desire attained, there is a temporary disappearance of these covers. The ego and personality stop moving for a while, and a great feeling of satisfaction and happiness is experienced.

In order to experience it on a daily basis, one has to learn to quieten the restless mind. One has to dive inside, because happiness is an inner experience, and is not in the objects or circumstances.

There is no need to search for happiness or to create it. There is no need to go through all kinds of experiences and actions in order to enjoy it. On the contrary, everything has to be dropped in order to experience it.

Every technique, which helps to relax the mind and quieten the rush of thoughts will lead to happiness. Developing concentration and practicing meditation are a few of the main roads leading to this goal.

When the ability to quiet the mind under all circumstances is gained, you enjoy constant happiness, no matter what you might be doing and where you are.

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