What Is Intuition- Definitions and Meaning

By Remez Sasson


Do you sometimes ask yourself what intuition is?

What is the definition of intuition?

Does it have any similarity with esp and psychic powers? Can it be developed?

Let's talk about intuition definitions, so that the meaning of this word becomes clear.

What Is Intuition - Definitions

How can we define this ability? We use the word intuition, but what is its meaning? It is what is often called a "gut feeling" or a hunch. It is a process of getting knowledge and understanding through other means than thinking, learning, or the five senses.

It is rather a subconscious process of receiving information, finding solutions to problems, or knowing how to proceed in certain situations.

Here are a few definitions:

  • Intuition is knowledge gained through psychic means.
  • It is knowledge gained not through the reasoning process or the five senses.
  • Subconscious, quick thought processes that produce knowledge or solutions.
  • The ability to draw conclusions and understanding from previously acquired experiences and information.
  • It is instinctive knowledge or belief.
  • It is what is called gut feeling.
  • Intuition is often called the sixth sense or a hunch.
  • Intuition is knowledge and understanding without thoughts or words.
  • It is a hunch - knowledge and certainty not obtained through reason or thinking.

Here are a few more definitions of intuition that might help you understand what it is:

Cambridge dictionary says:

"Ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts."

Merriam webster defines intuition as:

"The power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference."

Collins dictionary says about the meaning of this word:

"Knowledge or belief obtained neither by reason nor by perception. Instinctive knowledge or belief."

Intuition is not a conscious process, and it is not a step-by-step procedure using logic, reasoning and common sense. You just know and are convinced of what you know.

Often, the intuition is correct, sometimes, it might be wrong.

We often judge people by intuition. We refuse a job offer, trust people or take risks, all based on intuition.

Where does intuition come from?

The knowledge, understanding or insight we get might come from various sources:

  • It is knowledge stored in your subconscious mind.
  • It appears through subconscious interpretation of body language.
  • It is the product of very quick thinking and conclusion making.
  • It is manifests due to quick understanding of a problem or situation, too quick for the reasoning mind.>
  • Telepathy.
  • Accessing knowledge not available to the five senses.
  • Accessing the collective subconscious, or some higher realms.

People, often use the following phrases when talking about intuition:

  • Gut feeling.
  • My heart is telling me...
  • I don't know why, but I am sure...
  • The little voice within me.

How Do You Become Aware of Intuition?

  1. It is a sort of sensation that you feel inside you.
  2. It is some sort of understanding without words.>
  3. You feel inner certainty.
  4. You become aware of mental images that pop up into your mind.
  5. You become aware of words that repeat themselves in your mind.
  6. Sudden understanding of what you need to do.
  7. Being aware of a solution.
  8. You feel an inner urge to act in a certain way.

Short Intuition Definition

If you wish to have a short and concise intuition definition, here it is:

Intuition is the ability to process information from the outside world, as well information from within your subconscious mind, from past experiences and knowledge, things you have heard and seen, as well as knowledge and information outside your mind and beyond your immediate environment.

Developing Your Intuition

You can develop your intuition by being more aware of the little voice within you, which sometimes whispers to you, telling you to do something or avoid doing something.

You can also sharpen it learning to calm down the endless chatter of your mind, and improving your concentration ability. Practicing meditation can also be helpful.

Please remember, not all inner sensations, gut feelings or sudden understandings are intuition. Think before you act and use your common sense, and at the same time, do not be afraid to follow your intuition.

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