How to Calm Down the Mental Noise

By Remez Sasson

After reading the article on the mental noise, it is time to start doing something about it. As you now know, the mental noise is the inner dialogue and constant chatter that goes on in the mind almost all the time. Sometimes we are not aware of it, and at other times it is most disturbing and distracting the attention.

When do you become more aware of the mental noise and find it disturbing?
When you need to focus your mind on a certain activity, such as studying, reading, solving problems or anything else. At this time you become more aware of the buzz and constant flow of irrelevant, and often useless or distracting thoughts. This is the mental noise.

  • How can you calm down this background noise and enjoy inner peace?
  • How can you learn to focus the attention on what we are doing, and so do it better?
  • How can you be aware of solutions and opportunities?
  • How can you live and focus on the present moment?

We need some tools to reduce the acuity and duration of the mental noise, or if possible, switch it off. We need to be able to press the button that causes the mental noise to subside.

How do we do that?

By strengthening our power concentration. This ability helps us focus on one subject and ignore other, irrelevant thoughts.

Through meditation, going within, closing the mind to distracting and disturbing thoughts, and enjoying inner peace and happiness.

The above two tools, concentration and meditation, together with other techniques, help in gaining inner peace and calming down the mental noise.

You don't have to be a yogi to meditate. You don't have to devote hours to these practices, unless you want to. Even a few minutes a day of practicing these techniques will bring you results.

Read the following articles, about the techniques that free your mind from uncontrolled and endless chatter:
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You can find more information, advice and instructions in the book Peace of Mind in Daily Life, available at this website. It is a complete course, with well-planned step-by-step instructions, suitable for both beginners and advanced people, for gaining mental mastery, inner peace and equanimity, unaffected by external circumstances.

When the mental noise subsides, vision, insight, intuition and perception becomes deeper and clearer and you will stop being harassed by negative thoughts, worries and anxiety. This ability won't make you passive as some people might think, on the contrary, whatever you do you will do better and be more in control of your life.

Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

Do you overthink about everything?
Do unimportant thoughts bother you?
Do you lack control over your thoughts?
Stop the constant chatter of your mind.

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