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Quotes on Motivation and Getting Motivated

Quotes on Motivation - by Remez Sasson

1. "Getting motivated is like starting the engine of your car and beginning to move."

2. "Motivation awakens excitement, happiness, positive expectations and energy."

3. "Getting motivated is one of the most important steps toward getting what you want."

4. "A persistent strong desire pushes your goal into manifestation."

5. "Success requires that you have a motivating inner power to push you forward. If you don't have this power you need to develop it."

6. "Motivation, backed by good planning and correct action leads to success."

7. "It is important that you motivate yourself only towards worthy and positive goals that will benefit you and others."

8. "Motivation is the electrical power that activates the engine of success."

9. "Emotions, feelings and desires are the powers that push people to take action."

10. "Both positive and negative emotions lead to action. Choose positive emotions and be wary of the negative ones."

11. "Ambition is the power behind every achievement, big and small."

12. "Laziness, indifference and lack of ambition are the results of lack of motivation."

13. "Focusing your whole attention on your goal, moves you steadily toward achieving it."

14. "Put your goal constantly before you, and you will always have the energy to do something about it."

15. "Focus, intent and faith lead to the accomplishment your desires."

16. "Reading inspiring and motivating stories awaken the desire to take action and do things."

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17. "Stories about people who have achieved goals awaken the desire to do the same."

18. "The moods and mental states of energetic, highly motivated people, are contagious. They can awaken in you the desire to be like them."

19. "Association with energetic, highly motivated people, awaken dormant energies and powers in the people who associate with them."

20. "Visualizing your desire as already accomplished, and enjoying the feelings of accomplishment, awaken in you energies that drive you to do whatever it takes to make your desire come true."

21. "Affirmations awaken the power of your subconscious mind into action".

22. "First motivate yourself, and then it will be easier to motivate others."

23. "Motivation is important, but you need persistence and self discipline to get to the finish line."

24. "Reading a few quotes on motivation in the morning is like drinking a good cup of coffee that awakens and energizes you."

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