Don't Hold your Breath when Concentrating

Don’t Hold Your Breath When Concentrating

Do you hold your breath when trying to concentrate? Many hold their breath as if holding the breath helps to concentrate. This is done unconsciously, but it creates physical and mental strain, which is absolutely unnecessary, unhealthy, and disturbs concentration. This act of unconsciously holding breath strains the body, and …

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How to Manifest Money

How to Manifest Money Through Visualization

Do you have trouble manifesting money in your life? Do you wish to know how to manifest money with the help of creative visualization and the law of attraction? I believe that most people would like to know how. Chris Odle, in his book “Practical Visualization”, writes about how to manifest …

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Restless Thoughts

Restless Thoughts Are Like Restless Fish

Are you aware of the restlessness of your thoughts? If you could watch your mind, you would see that it jumps from one thought to another, never standing still. The mind is always busy, too often with trivial matters. One moment, it might be thinking about one thing, and the …

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Visualizing and Meditating

Visualizing and Meditating Without Words

People often ask me questions about meditation and visualization. One common question is, “How to visualize or meditate without words?” Here is a question someone has asked me a few days ago, which is a typical question: “How can I meditate or visualize without words? My meditations, visualization, etc., are …

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What You Repeat Is What You Get

Positive Affirmations and Statements and Why They Work

“What you repeatedly think and say is what you get”. If you find it difficult to think positively, affirmations can help you change the way you think. It is a powerful method to transform thinking patterns. Affirmations are positive statements that use the power of words to program the subconscious …

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Why Positive Thinking Is Not Working

Reasons Why Positive Thinking Is Not Working

People often ask me why positive thinking does not work for them. Here is an email message I have received recently: “I’ve been trying this whole positive thinking thing for about 2 years now with no results. Things actually seen to be getting worse. “I’m up to my neck in …

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Peace in the World

Can Visualization Bring World Peace?

Some time ago, I received an email from one of the website’s visitors asking whether creating world peace through visualization is possible. It would be great to visualize world peace and make it come true. It would be great to project positive thoughts to the world and produce positive results. …

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