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Quotes on Focus - Improve Your Focusing Skills

Published by Remez Sasson

The ability to focus the attention is the key to success in every area of life. It is important at school, college, the university and at work. You need it when you drive, write, study, learn a new skill or a new job, and when doing work that requires attention to detail.

On this page, you will find quotes on focusing the mind to help you improve your focus.

Quotes on Focus, from the Book "How to Focus Your Mind"
By Remez Sasson

1. Focusing the mind is the key to success in every area of life. You need it to do your work efficiently, make progress in your career, for studying, for learning a new profession and a new language, and even for fixing things at home.

2. Focusing the mind is important for performing better small and big tasks, from writing an email, engaging in your hobby, to inventing a new gadget.

3. When you cannot focus your mind, a task that requires just a few minutes to accomplish, can take much longer, which is a waste of precious time and energy.

4. The mind is an amazing tool, but it needs to be taught how to focus.

5. Focusing the mind means fixing the attention on one thought, subject, or action, while ignoring unrelated thoughts and external distractions.

6. Like a spotlight that focuses its light on a single, narrow spot, making it stand out from its surroundings, so is the ability to focus your mind. When you focus your mind you direct your attention to a certain thought, a certain action or a certain topic, and keep it focused on it for as long as you need.

7. Lack of focus reduces the efficiency and productivity of your actions.

8. The ability to focus your mind enables you to proceed with your plans and tasks, and succeed in business, in sports, in your job, and everything you do.

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9. One of the most significant benefits of focusing the mind is the ability to remove disturbing and negative thoughts, and enjoy inner peace and happiness.

10. As your ability to focus gets stronger, your mind will become calmer and free of negative and nagging thoughts.

11. If your mind wanders from one thought to another, and you cannot focus it on one thing at a time, how can you complete a task or achieve a goal?

12. Lack of focus reduces the efficiency and productivity of your actions.

13. Lack of focus can lead to errors, inaccurate results, and crucial mistakes.

14. Focusing the mind is an important skill, as it would help and improve everything you do.

15. One of the significant methods to calm down a restless mind is through focus exercises. This way, while strengthening your ability to focus, you also gain tranquility and peace of mind.

16. A well-developed concentration skill enables you to focus your mind on one single thought, and reject irrelevant thoughts.

17. You might not be always aware of the habit of constant thinking, since it is a deeply embedded habit. You only become aware of it, when you need to focus your attention, but realize that nonstop thinking does not allow you to focus.

18. A well-developed concentration skill enables you to focus your mind on each task and goal, and therefore, accomplish it faster, with less effort, and more efficiency.

19. With a focused mind, you will do everything better, more efficiently and in less time.

20. It is easy to focus the attention on things that we enjoy doing, as this requires no effort. However, in life, there are often things that we don't like doing, yet, they are essential for our success and growth, and therefore, we should learn to strengthen our concentration skill.

Quotes Directory >> Focus Quotes

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