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Letting Go Quotes

By Remez Sasson

Letting Go Quotes

Letting go means releasing the thoughts, emotions and memories that cause pain, frustration and emotional burden. This brings happiness and freedom into your life.

Being able to let go requires some inner work, and becomes easier to practice with the help of a certain measure of emotional detachment.

Below, you will find a list of quotes on letting go.

Letting Go Quotes and Pharses

Quotes on Letting Go - by Remez Sasson

1. When you choose to let go of negative past events, not to obsess yourself with fears and worries, and to display emotional detachment toward them, you choose happiness.

2. People carry a heavy emotional burden wherever they go, instead of throwing it away and becoming free, calm and happy.

3. Removing the emotional burden from your shoulders brings freedom, happiness and inner peace.

4. Emotional detachment is like a pair of scissors that cuts the ropes that tie your burden to your back.

5. Carrying emotional burden is like putting an unnecessary heavy bag on your back and carrying it everywhere you go. Possessing emotional detachment is like being light as a feather and free as a bird.

6. A heavy emotional burden affects how you feel, behave, act and react. The heavier the burden is, the unhappier you become.

7. Letting go of your heavy burdens makes you feel free and light and brings happiness into your life.

8. You need to cut the imaginary ropes that tie you to your problems and limit your thinking.

9. You cannot sail when the anchor is holding your ship. You need to pull it up. Letting go is like pulling up the anchor of your ship and starting to sail.

10. Break the bond with anything that causes you suffering and pain, by showing lack of interest in it, stop thinking about it, and letting out of your life.

11. Let go of your emotional burden by practicing emotional detachment.

12. Do you tend to dwell on past events that upset you and make you angry?
Do you tend to bear grudges and let them bother you?
Do you allow fears and worries to control your life?
If you do, then you are carrying a heavy emotional burden, which weighs you down and prevents you from making progress in life.

13. Stressful thoughts and negative emotions resemble weeds growing in a garden. They suck the water and fertilizers intended for the plants, and do not allow them to grow and flourish. You need to uproot the weeds of stressful thoughts and negative emotions when they are still small, before they grow and harm your life.

14. You don't have to carry other people's problems upon my shoulders. Help them if you can, but do not let their burden weigh heavily on you. This weakens you and does not help them.

15. Letting go brings a feeling of lightness and freedom, like taking a heavy rock off your shoulders.

16. Letting go is like turning your head forward and marching on, instead of being stuck in one place and keep looking back.

17. Dwelling on the past, on negative memories, on difficulties, on obstacles and on stressful situations, creates suffering, and prevents you from improving and making progress. Letting go of all this, would bring joy and happiness into your life, and create a sense of relief and freedom.

18. Letting go means stopping to cling to thoughts and emotions that cause pain, frustration and emotional burden.

19. Letting go means releasing the past, and focusing on the present and on a bright future.

20. Letting go means quitting bad habits, which hold you back and prevent you from progressing in life.

21. Letting go means freedom from unpleasant memories.

22. Letting go means putting down your emotional burden, and becoming free and happy.

23. Let go of your desire to decide for others and give them advice. Allow your family, friends, co-workers or employees to make their own decisions, even if sometimes, they might make wrong ones.

24. Refusing to let go of your negative memories, experiences, thoughts and emotions, is like tying yourself to a wild horse that keeps running wildly, and injuring yourself while it runs. You need to cut the rope and get free.

25. When you stop thinking over and again about the things that bother you, you allow them to go away and leave you in peace.

26. Free your burdens and negative thoughts and let them fly away like a balloon that rises in the air when you stop holding it.

27. Attachment is the opposite of letting go.

28. Attachment to people, circumstances and habits that are causing you suffering leads to more suffering and to unhappiness. There is no need to get attached to them. You need to release them and let them go.

29. A positive attitude helps you cut the ropes that hold you down and limit your thinking.

30. Free your mind of limiting thoughts, refuse negative thinking and allow positive thoughts into your mind, and your life will soon see improvement in your life.

Quotes Directory >> Letting Go Quotes

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