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Quotes on Self Control

Remez Sasson Quotes on Self Control

1. "Self control is the power within you that holds the reins of anger, intolerance and impulsiveness."

2. "Whoever is able to rise above anger, gets closer to inner peace."

3. "Self control ultimately, leads to emotional detachment and to peace of mind."

4. "Who controls who? It is the Spirit, controlling the lower nature."

5. "Do you control yourself, or your impulses, reactions and other people control you?"

6. "Discipline is the rejection of instant gratification in favor of something better and higher."

7. "Controlling anger is of great importance to anyone desiring to have good relationships."

8. "Letting anger and impatience run riot, create trouble, unpleasant situations, and the loss of friends."

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9. "You don't control negative habits with force. You do so by developing new, good habits."

10. "The tools for transforming negative habits into positive ones, are affirmations, visualization and positive thinking."

11. "Be careful of impatience; it leads to regret and unhappiness."

12. "Patience and perseverance lead to success and to achieving your goals. They give you the strength you go on, in spite of difficulties and obstacles."

13. "Self control saves you of doing mistakes, getting embarrassed ,and losing friends and relationships."

14. "Controlling the lower nature is of great importance to every person, who desires to have harmonious relationships."

15. "Letting anger and impatience run riot create trouble, unpleasant situations, and the loss of friends."

16. "You don't control negative habits with force. You do so by developing positive habits."

17. "Even a little self control can save you a lot of time, energy and errors."

18. "Impatience leads to losing self control, to regret, and to unhappiness."

19. "You cannot always control circumstances and situations, but you can learn to control you reactions and attitude."

20. "If show discipline, you will not have to face regrets."

21. "Learning to control your reactions, saves you a lot of explaining, regretting, and apologizing."

22. "Self control helps you focus on your goal, and stay on the main road to your goal."

Quotes Directory >> Self Control Quotes

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