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Creative Visualization and the of Attitude of Letting Go

By Remez Sasson

Almost every writer about creative visualization advises visualizing for only a few minutes, preferably, several times a day, and then, to let go and forget your mental image until the next time. These writers say that if you don't do so, your desire will not materialize.

What is the rationale behind this idea? Why not visualize for half an hour, or whenever you have the time? Isn't it more reasonable to believe that more time devoted to visualization will bring faster results?

If you are able to focus your mind, and disregard unwanted thoughts, then it is okay if you visualize for longer periods. The fact is that most people don't have control over their minds. They cannot hold their minds on one single thought more than a few moments, before other thoughts emerge.

In most cases, when trying to focus on a particular goal, soon, contradictory thoughts pop up, and negative thoughts start storming the mind, neutralizing any previous positive thoughts.

Most people have doubts and little faith, when visualizing their goals. Their minds are inclined toward negative thinking and worries. After a little time of positive visualization, doubts and lack of belief rise and sabotage their efforts. Impatience also rises, because they find it difficult to focus their minds on one thought.

All this means that if you focus your mind on a certain goal for too long, at a certain point, you will unconsciously begin to repel and push it away, and consequently, accomplish nothing. This is why you need to visualize and let go. Visualize for a while, and then don't think about it. Just let go and think about other matters.

Your predominant thoughts and mental attitude affect whatever you think about. You might be able to think positively for a few minutes, but then, your negative thoughts gain the upper hand. This is why it is advisable to start with short periods of visualizing your goals, until you gradually are able to maintain a positive attitude for a longer time.

You need a certain degree of patience and mental focus, in order to be able to visualize effectively for longer periods.

There is another reason why it is advisable not to think constantly about your goal. By freeing your conscious mind from excessive thinking, you make it easier for information, intuition, ideas, inspiration and motivation to pass from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. This also enables your conscious mind to be more aware of any opportunity that pops up, and to allow your subconscious mind to motivate you to take action, and to make the necessary efforts to achieve your goals.

It is important to add that if your desire for achieving a certain goal is really strong, you will carry it in the back of your head, even when you don't consciously think about it.

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