You Do not Need to Visualize Your Goal All the Time

By Remez Sasson

Visualize Your Goal

Have you tied using creative visualization and the law of attraction and failed?

There could be several reasons for your failure, and one of them is worrying and not believing that you will get what you are visualizing.

Most people who are new to creative visualization and do not have enough experience, tend to let negative thoughts win.

It might find it strange, but you can get better results if you do not think of your goal most of the time, unless you are completely positive in your thoughts.

What is the rationale behind this idea?

  • Why not visualize for half an hour, instead of just 10 minutes, or whenever you have the time?
  • Isn't it more reasonable to believe that more time devoted to visualization will bring faster results?

If you were able to focus your mind for a long, while disregarding any unrelated thoughts, then it would have been okay to visualize for longer periods of time. However, most people don't have control over their minds and their attention span is short. They cannot fix their mind on one single thought for more than a few moments.

In most cases, when trying to focus on a particular goal, soon, contradictory thoughts pop up, and negative thoughts start storming the mind, neutralizing any previous positive thoughts.

For this reason, it is wiser to visualize your goal for a few minutes, and then stop and do other things, so that negative thoughts and disbelief will not find any space in your mind.

This means that you need to let go, and not continue thinking of your goal all the time. Just let go of thought or mental image.

It is like holding a balloon and refusing to let it go, so that it can float away. You need to leave the rope and let it go. In the same way, you need to let go what you are visualizing, so it can float into space, and bring you the things that you want.

You do not have to visualize your goal all the time. This tiring, and in some case might get you the results you want.

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Letting Go Helps Your Thoughts and Mental Images to Materialize

Most people have doubts and little faith, when visualizing their goals. Their minds are inclined toward negative thinking and worries.

After visualizing for a few moments, doubts and lack of belief rise up and sabotage their efforts. They might also become impatient, because they find it difficult and boring to focus for more than a few moments.

This means that if you visualize a certain goal for too long, twenty minutes for example, at a certain point, you will become impatient and restless, and negative thoughts and doubts would begin to fill your mind.

These negative thoughts and doubts weaken and neutralize the positive mental energy you have been pouring into your mental visualization, and repel or delay the accomplishment of what you have been visualizing.

For this reason you need to visualize, for about 10 minutes, and then think about other matters. Just free your of the mental images you have been visualizing and think about other matters. When you do so, you let your thoughts about your goal float away, without holding them back. This will allow your subconscious mind to work on your goals unhindered by negative thinking.

I will repeat, to make it clear. You might be able to think positively for a few minutes, but then, your negative thoughts might gain the upper hand. This is why it is advisable to start with short periods of visualizing your goals, until you gradually are able to maintain a positive attitude for a longer time.

You also need a certain degree of patience and mental focus, in order to be able to visualize effectively for longer than a few minutes.

Letting go of your thoughts and mental images makes it easier for your subconscious mind to materialize them and attract them into your life.

There is another reason why it is advisable not to think constantly about your goal. By freeing your conscious mind from excessive thinking, you make it easier for information, intuition, ideas, inspiration and motivation to pass from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. This also enables your conscious mind to be more aware of any opportunity that pops up.

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