Writing Articles and Posts for Your Blog and Website

Do you need well-written articles and posts for your website and blog? You have arrived to the right place.

I will write for you articles and posts about any topic related to personal growth, achieving success, self improvement, meditation, mindfulness, and other related topics. You can see here a list of topics..

I can also write for you about seo, blogging, how to write and other topics.

  1. I have more than 20 years of writing experience.
  2. I have written hundreds of articles for my website, which you can check on this website.
  3. Minimum word count 500. Maximum word count 1200.
  4. Seo optimized articles.
  5. I will provide the meta title and meta description for Seo purposes.
  6. Well-written, unique content that readers will love to read.

Number of Words and Prices

500 words article - USD 50.-

700 words article - USD 70.-

1000 words article - USD 100.-

1200 words article - USD 120.-

Often, there might be a few more words, as it is not always possible to write the exact number of words. We will not charge you for these added words.

Regular Writing for Your Blog

We can also make arrangement for regularly writing for your blog, for a fixed price for a number of articles per month.

We accept payment through PayPal.

  • Please email us the topic and guidelines for the article - post you wish us to write for you. After accepting it, we will let you know how to transfer your payment through PayPal.
  • After receipt of payment we will start working on your article/post.
  • Approximate delivery time 5 business days.

To start, please email me the following details:

  1. The topic you want me to write about.
  2. A few lines describing what kind of article you want and what you want to include in it.
  3. Your website address.

You can order any number of articles you wish.

Please use our contact form to contact us. Please type "writing an article" in the subject line.

You may also email us to , typing "writing an article" in the subject line.

Thank you,

Remez Sasson