A Simple Guide to Positive Thinking

How would we define positive thinking? Positive thinking is an optimistic state of mind that chooses to focus on solutions, progress, and achieving positive results. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that chooses to think about success, instead of failure, … Continue Reading

What is Positive Thinking

What Is Positive Thinking and Why You Need It

What is positive thinking? Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude of expecting good and favorable results, and not getting discouraged when plans do not proceed as expected. It means trying over again and not accepting defeat. It is … Continue Reading

What You Believe You Can Achieve

35 Positive Thinking Phrases to Change Your Life

What are positive thinking phrases? They are sentences, quotes or sayings that inspire and motivate, and which contain insights and knowledge. They are like doors leading to new thoughts and a wider viewpoint. Positive thinking phrases can help you change … Continue Reading

Positive Energy

7 Ways to Attract Positive Energy

Being in a place of negativity stops you from progressing in life. There are likely to be several reasons to why you find yourself in a place of darkness. When you make the decision to pull yourself out of it, … Continue Reading

Positive Lifestyle

How to Live a Positive Lifestyle

Do you need to have plenty of money in order to live a positive lifestyle? Are wealth, possessions, power, status, trips abroad and a life of glamour signs of a positive lifestyle? If this was true, then only rich people … Continue Reading

How to Stay Positive

How to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

Do you become pessimistic and lose hope, when you fail or when you face difficulties? Do you know that you can change your attitude and maintain a positive attitude, even when facing difficulties? There are people, who do not allow … Continue Reading

Why You Can Be Your Worst Enemy

Do you know who can be your worst enemy in life? It’s not your ex-best friend, ex-boss, ex-lover, or the person you pulled a bad prank on. It’s you. It’s no brainer and it’s clearly obvious that all of our … Continue Reading

Positive Thinking at Home and School

Positive Thinking Starts at Home

When my daughter was about 8 years old, her teacher Sarah, phoned me one afternoon and said that she wants to share with me an event from my daughter’s class. Sarah said that she asked the children, “What should one … Continue Reading

How To Live in The Present

How to Live in The Present and Enjoy It

Do you live in the present moment? Do you enjoy, and make the most of the present moment, or does your mind drift to other matters instead of focusing the present, on your environment, and on what you are doing … Continue Reading