Inspiring Stories – Spiritual and Mind Power Stories

Inspiring Stories

Short inspiring stories about spirituality, inner strength, inner peace, spiritual growth, and the powers of the mind, written by Remez Sasson.

The stories show the power of thought in action and speak about the spirit beyond the mind. These short, inspiring stories are meant to teach, inspire, and motivate.

Spiritual and Mind Power Stories

The Tiger

The Villager and the Happy Man

The Power of Thoughts – The Yogi and the Disciple

The Elephant and the Fly

The Mind and the Stormy Ocean

The Swamis and the Mysterious Light

Two Cats Facing Each Other on the Path

Breaking Bottles of Good and Expensive Wine

Finding Joy and Happiness in Everyday Life

The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man

Spirituality and Mind Power

Stories have always been used to teach, inspire, and motivate. This is true in every area of life, including spirituality and mind power.

Spiritual power and mind power have always fascinated humanity.

These powers come from within, and everyone possesses them to some degree. They can be strengthened through inner work, exercises, and meditation and manifest in your daily life.

One of the aims of this website is to awaken and cultivate these powers.

I hope the short stories you find here will awaken your interest and desire to learn and awaken the powers that are within you.

Look at these short stories as more than just inspiring stories. Read them attentively and between the lines, and you will find information and guidance about developing and increasing your spiritual power and mind power.