Conscious Living

12 Conscious Living Tips for Your Everyday Life

Conscious living means paying attention to your thoughts, choices and actions. It means making conscious decisions and acting more consciously. How do you live your life, consciously, making your own judgement and decisions, or acting automatically, programmed by the past, the media or the opinions of other people? Are you thinking and acting like a robot or as a conscious …

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What Is Conscious Living

What Is Conscious Living and How to Practice It?

Conscious living means living consciously and acting attentively, not in an automatic, unconscious way. Most people carry out most of their activities in an unconscious, automatic way. I don’t mean to say that they are unconscious. They are conscious, but are not fully aware of themselves, their actions, and the world around them. Let me ask you. Are you aware …

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Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Home

Quick and Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness at Home

From common distractions to stress and anxiety, many things can occupy your headspace in today’s busy world, making you restless and barely aware of your surroundings. The sad fact is that it can have a significant negative effect on your mental health and overall wellbeing. However, this can be rectified through ways that help you achieve a relaxed state for …

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Books on Mindfulness

Are You Looking for Books on Mindfulness and Inner Peace?

A growing number of people are looking for ways to to relieve stress, become more peaceful, and live a more mindful life. Many are looking for instructions and advice, books on mindfulness and books on inner peace. Life in our days, has changed a lot, due to working conditions, the Internet, the social media, and other reasons. There is short …

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Mindful Practices

Rewire Your Brain with Mindful Practices

It is easy for the human brain to worry because of how it is wired. It’s a battleground of its own, testifying to the regular clash between the nature of negative and positive, good and evil. Sometimes it worries about an uncertain future, thinks about the present while also dwelling on the past. It is a world of clashing activities …

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Mindfulness Meditation

Why and How Is Mindfulness Meditation Good for Your Health

Meditation and mindfulness are changing how people think and react. For most people, staying healthy conjures up images of working out and eating correctly. However, maintaining mental fitness is as vital as maintaining physical fitness. This is where mindful meditation comes in. Meditation is a simple, free way to bring enormous benefits into your life, even though it is unfamiliar …

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Mindful Ways to Start the Morning

4 Mindful Ways to Start Your Morning

Do you have a difficult time starting your mornings with positivity? You are not alone. In fact, according to Gallup, just 43% of adults aged 18 to 34 describe themselves as “morning people.” Practicing mindfulness in the morning, however, is an easy way to transform your day before it’s even begun. Mindfulness is the concept of remaining present in the …

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Mindfulness - Meditation

Mindfulness – Focusing on the Present Moment and Living in the Now

Mindfulness is a way to become more aware of the present moment, reduce stress, become calm and relaxed, and increase focus and concentration. Mindfulness exercises and meditation practice are not separate practices. Both use similar methods. They reduce stress, help you live in the present moment, and improve your focus and attention span. These practices also reduce strain and tension …

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Become More Mindful

How to Become More Mindful and Make Better Choices in Your Daily Life

Everyone wants to live a more mindful life. We want to enhance our consciousness so that we can grow and touch other peoples’ lives. But as the saying goes, we don’t get what we want but that which we deserve. How many times have you woken up late and done everything in a rush without taking a few seconds to …

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Consciousness Awareness

Consciousness, Awareness, and Your Real Essence

Find a few minutes to be alone in a quiet place. Sit down, relax, and then try to pay attention to your awareness of yourself, to your consciousness. Watch your consciousness – your sense of awareness of yourself and the world around you, the sensation of being aware and alive, and observe what you feel. I do not mean that …

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