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Remez Sasson

My name is Remez Sasson, and I am the author and creator of the website SuccessConsciousness.com.

I have written for many years about self-improvement, positive thinking, spiritual growth, meditation, and inner peace. I have also written several popular books that have improved the lives of thousands worldwide.

In my articles and books, I focus on the practical side, with guidance and advice for developing the skills and inner powers necessary for achieving success and improving one’s life.

Everything I have written results from years of study, personal experience, and practicing inner development methods.

How I Started

My interest in personal growth, the powers of the mind, spiritual growth, and other related topics began when I was about fifteen years old. I found books on these topics at home, on my father’s bookshelves. It was like discovering a new, fascinating world. Soon, my interest turned into a great passion.

I wanted to learn more about these topics, so I began ordering books from various bookstores in the U.S.A. and the UK and eagerly read every book.

I read hundreds of books on personal development, positive thinking, creative visualization, and the powers of the mind. Other books I read were on psychology, meditation, yoga, philosophy, and various spiritual paths.

I developed an earnest interest and enthusiasm for inner growth. I did my best to utilize every available moment to read, study, and practice what I learned.

My father and I had many interesting and deep conversations about personal growth, the powers of the mind, and other related topics.

In these conversations, he introduced me to various topics and taught me techniques for personal growth, mind power, and other related subjects, which he studied from an early age.

The things he taught me, together with his knowledge and experience of many years, were the triggers that inspired and motivated me to go deeper into these topics and, eventually, to start writing about them.

My New Career

After many years of studying, practicing, and gaining experience, I decided to quit my steady job at the bank and share my knowledge and experience.

This was a bold step, quitting a good job and starting something new, but I felt I was doing the right thing. I believed in myself, and so did my wife, who encouraged me to take this step.

After quitting my job, I began lecturing on these topics, but since I wanted to reach more people, I decided to create a website.

I knew nothing about building a website, but this did not stop me. I started reading, studying, and experimenting, and then created a small website, which I uploaded in December 2001. Since then, the website has grown. I added many articles, and the number of visitors has steadily increased.

On this website, I now share my experience to guide and teach about various topics, which all have something in common – living a wider, happier life and succeeding both materially and spiritually. This is why you will find here articles and guidance about developing success skills like willpower, self-discipline, creative visualization, positive thinking, motivation, and time management, and articles and advice about meditation, inner peace, and spirituality.

My Books

In addition to the articles, I wrote several books to help people improve their lives. These books contain information, guidance, advice, and instructions, the product of many years of personal experience.

In my books, I focus on the practical rather than on the theoretical. The books include exercises, techniques, and practical guidance so that you can get results.

Among them are:
Manifest and Achieve Whatever You Want
Build up Strong Willpower and Self-Discipline
Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind
Inner Peace in the Busy Daily Life
Emotional Detachment for Happier Life
Focus Your Attention
Affirmations Words with Power

Visit our bookstore to find information about my books. I hope you enjoy reading them and find them inspirational, motivational, and helpful.

Inspirational Quotes

I love reading quotes. They are inspirational, motivational, and full of wisdom and insight. I also know that many love quotes. That’s why I have collected quotes on many topics and published them on my website so you can enjoy reading them.

I am careful to publish only quotes that contain wisdom and insight, inspiration and motivation.

Mission Statement

I aim to guide and help people grow stronger, think positively, and live a better, happier, and more successful life.

I believe in practical working methods, which I try to offer in my books and articles. Theory is important, but practical advice, instructions, and inner work are essential for success in every area of life.

In my articles and books, I teach simple and practical techniques for inner growth, inner strength, and inner peace, and how to use the mind and the imagination to improve one’s life and achieve success in every area of life.

You can create change, improvement, and success at any age. If you have the flame of desire to do things within you, it does not matter how old you are. Even the sky is no limit.

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About SuccessConsciousness.com

SuccessConsciousness.com aims to provide practical information and guidance and help people live better, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

We wish to transmit optimism, positivity, and happiness to the world and inspire people to improve themselves and their lives. We help people to expand their minds and awareness, gain inner strength, and enjoy inner peace.

Thousands of visitors worldwide arrive at SuccessConsciousness.com every day, seeking information, guidance, advice, and inspiration.

Consider this website a place to find the knowledge, tools, motivation, and inspiration to improve your life and grow materially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

You will find many articles and books on this website, full of practical advice and guidance suitable for every person.

This is the website for every person who wishes to be an achiever in any era of life. It is the place for people who want to live a bigger life, expand their awareness and knowledge of themselves, and learn to improve their mental skills and inner powers.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this website.

Remez Sasson