6 Ways Patience Makes You More Productive

Rushing around, running to get errands done as soon as possible, and trying to get more work done in less time, that’s how life has become now. As we grow older, and the busier our lives get, the more quickly we start losing our patience. People go on a rant about how the efforts they put it has not shown …

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What Successful People Do

The Advantages of Being a Morning Person

Are you a morning person or a night owl? What are your most productive hours? What are the advantages of being a morning person? Some people feel more productive at night, but I am not going to talk about them now. I am going to talk about morning people, who are more productive in the mornings. I like the early …

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How to Succeed Doing Nothing

How to Succeed Doing Nothing

How many useful videos do you save on Facebook every day to watch them later? How many interesting seminars are you going to visit each month? How many books are you going to read each year? Hundreds, I bet. And how many of these promises do you actually keep? Yeah, I knew that. Hopes and disappointments; plans and procrastination; failure …

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How to Be Productive

5 Techniques – How to Be Productive and Get Things Done

Successful people are productive people, and they get things done. When we talk about being productive, it does not mean doing as much as possible; it means doing what matters most and getting the most result-yielding work done. There is no point to go through the day being busy doing things that don’t matter. You have to do what matters …

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Increase Your Productivity

10 Useful Habits that Will Increase Your Productivity

Many of our habits are there for no other reason than the fact we failed to resist them. This is not always a bad thing, for example, if you are habitually a competitive person, then this may be turned to your advantage to make you more productive. Here are ten habits, both nurtured and self-imposed, that you may use to …

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Working with Laptop

12 Productivity Tips for Extremely Busy People

Most people say they are busy all the time. Half of them look busy, the rest actually are, but often, do many unnecessary things too and thus waste time daily. Truth is we have a wrong perception of business, and often forget that we can take back control of our time and be more productive in a shorter period of …

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Things to Do On Your Way to Work

8 Things to Do On Your Way to Work

What do you do when you travel to your work every morning? You probably do one of the following things: Play with your smartphone Converse with friends on Whatsapp, Facebook or other social media account Read the newspaper Read a book Listen to music Sleep These activities help you pass the time in the bus, train or subway. However, you …

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Waking Up

Why It Is Difficult to Wake Up Early and a Few Solutions

Do you find it difficult to wake up early in the morning? Do you set an alarm clock at a certain hour, and when it rings, you either don’t hear it, or just stop it ringing and continue to sleep? This happens to a lot of people, and is not a matter of laziness as you might think. There several …

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Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating – The 15 Minute Method

It is so easy and simple to procrastinate. It is the easy way to avoid doing things. Procrastination and putting off tasks that we don’t feel like doing does not require any effort. In time, if we put off doing things, this behavior becomes a habit. Is it possible to break the habit of procrastination? Yes, it is possible, but …

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Do not Postpone

What You Can Do Today, Do Yesterday

Well, actually, you cannot do yesterday what you need to do today. What I really mean is that never postpone anything for another day. Often, what you don’t do right now you will never do, since the momentum passes and the opportunity fades away. When you postpone doing things over and again, you develop the habit of procrastination. Do not …

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