The Swimming Dog, the Geese, and the Ducks

Swimming Dog

There is a big and beautiful park, not far from where I live, with large meadows of green grass, trees, and a big artificial small lake in the middle, with plenty of ducks, geese and other various water birds.

Yesterday, I went with my wife to the park to have a walk.

As we were walking on the promenade along the lake, we saw a man and a woman walking with their dog. The dog, which was without a leash, became excited at the sight of the ducks, geese and other water birds, and started running to and fro, along the bank of the lake.

After a little while its confidence rose, and it started chasing after the ducks and geese, which started walking slowly towards the water, and swimming away from the shore.

Suddenly, with no warning, the dog jumped into the lake and started swimming, chasing the flocks of the ducks and the other water birds.

This sight was so weird, a small dog, only its head appearing above the water, swimming with a big flock of water birds. Wherever they swam, it swam after them, ignoring its owners calling it to come back.

The dog swam far from the shore, but after a few minutes it started to swim back. At midway, it met another flock of birds, and the chase in the water started again.

Suddenly, a big bird circled above the dog and landed right in front of it. The dog didn’t panic, and began swimming after it, until it lost interest and swam back to the shore.

All this happened to the hilarious laughter of the spectators, who couldn’t believe their eyes.

I wish I had a video camera with me, as this was no ordinary sight.

People often walk with their dogs around the lake, but usually with a leash, and the dogs never jump into the water. I have never seen before such a sight, of a dog jumping into the water and chasing the ducks and geese.

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