Can You Stop Using Your Cell Phone for One Hour?


Are you attached to your cell phone and unable to leave it aside for a few minutes?

Can you travel by bus or train or wait in line without texting with your cell phone?

Do you always want to know what your friends are saying or tell them where you are?

What would happen if you stopped your curiosity for just one hour and did not look at your phone’s screen?

Suppose you were on a small island for the next 24 hours with no cell phone at all. Can you survive?

Look around you, and you will see people on the train or bus, in an elevator, or at a restaurant, with their gaze fixed on this small instrument in their hands. They seem oblivious to what is happening around them.

The Smartphone Has Become an Extension of Our Body

We can say that the smartphone has become an extension of our personality and body.

If once, many years ago, people worshiped gods, now they worship the cell phone.

Suppose someone came from the past, one hundred years ago, and saw people with strange, small instruments in their hands; what would he think? He would see people walking, talking, eating, and working while their sight is fixed on this instrument and their fingers move on it. Strange sight, isn’t it?

I have a question for you. Can you turn off your cell phone for just a few hours? Do you have the courage and the inner strength to be without your cell phone for even one hour?

Let’s Make an Experiment

The purpose of this experiment is not to make you stop using your cell phone.

The purpose is to prove to yourself that you have the inner strength to change your habits and that you can break enslaving habits. That’s all.

Turn off your cell phone for one hour at any time of the day when you are not expecting important calls.

You may also turn it off when you don’t need to use it for your business or work.

This is an act of inner strength. If you lack the inner strength to do so, you need to strengthen it with the help of willpower and self-discipline exercises.

During this hour, resist the temptation to turn it on or cellphone. You will most probably experience stress, strain and nervousness, just like an addict trying to stop using drugs, or a smoker, who is denied of his cigarettes.

If you can turn off your phone for one hour, you can do so for two hours. If you can exist without it for a certain period of time, you can show inner strength concerning other habits.

This is like mental gymnastics, which makes your stronger.

Such acts, of carrying out a decision, in spite inner resistance, strengthen your willpower, self-discipline and assertiveness.