Do You Choose to Say I Can, or I Can’t?

I Can

“The difference between can and cannot are only three letters. Three letters that determine your life’s direction.”

What do say to yourself, when you need to make a decision or take action?

choosing I Can vs I can’t

Do you have enough self-esteem, feel confident, and are strong enough to say, “I can”? Or maybe you lack self-confidence and inner strength, feel too lazy, or are afraid to do new things, and therefore, you say, “I cannot”?

Do you know that with a little inner strength and willingness to be just a little adventurous, you can say “I can”, and dare to do new things?

“I cannot” leaves you where you are and you live the same life day after day.

Saying “I can”, opens new doors and new opportunities for you. These words take you in a different direction from the people who say, “I cannot”.

When you say “I can”, you tell yourself that you have faith in yourself and are willing take action, handle things, take action and responsibility, and learn new things. This could be:

  • Learning a foreign language
  • Being nice to someone
  • Fixing something
  • Graduating from college
  • Learning a new skill
  • Working in a certain job
  • Handling a certain situation
  • And many other things

Saying “I can”, means that you take responsibility for your life, while saying “I can’t”, or “I cannot”, means giving up without trying.

You can always choose one of these two alternatives. It’s like standing at crossroad choosing which way to go. One way leads to action and achievement, and the other non-action and no progress.

As said at the beginning of the article, the difference between the words can and cannot are only three letters, but they determine where you will go and where you will arrive.

So, what do you choose?

What’s stopping you to say “I can”, fear, habit, lack of self-confidence or laziness?

Why not start with simple things, telling yourself that you can:

  • Start going to the gym.
  • Get up a little earlier in the morning.
  • Be a little kinder with people.
  • Smile more often.

At least once a day, say “I can” and mean it, about something that you face in your daily life, instead of saying “I can’t”.

After a while, you will be able tackle greater things, because you learn to tell yourself “I can”.