Books on the Law of Attraction

New books and new articles about the law of attraction are published almost every day. They grow like mushrooms, because everyone wants to take part in this “new fashion”.  This puts the readers in a difficult position, not knowing which book to read and which book or article to believe. Not all books are equal and not every book is really useful.

To write a manual or guide on any subject, one should have practical experience with the subject. It is not enough to read a few books and then to consider oneself as an expert. One, who writes a book on medicine or on engineering, has to be qualified to write on this subject. He or she have studied and gained experience, but it is different in the field of “the law of attraction”, where anyone can write a book and try to sell it. 

According to the advertisements, many writers on the subject promise miracles in a short time, and with almost no effort on the part of the reader. Does the law of attraction really work in such a way? Can you really achieve great success, just visualizing a few minutes a day?

Can you say that successful people have achieved their success by just thinking a few minutes a day on what they wanted, and did nothing else? No, they didn’t just visualize 2-3 minutes a day and waited for miracles to happen. They put a lot of time and effort into achieving their success.

If you follow the rules of creative visualization, you can achieve a lot, but you will have to focus your mind on your goal, it must be very important for you, and you should be willing to do whatever is necessary, besides visualization. 

Though many authors promise great success and wealth by following their techniques, not everyone becomes a millionaire, and not everyone wants to be a millionaire. Most people want just a comfortable, happy and healthy life, not unusual success, and that’s okay.

How many really and truly desire to be a tycoon, great businessmen, a president or a prime minister? Most people desire a better home, a better car and some money in the bank. Just a little knowledge about the law of attraction and about creative visualization is not going to change their preferences, desires and goals.

Few people really want all the responsibility, work and effort required to live the life of a tycoon or a businessman.

Money and possessions are important, but so also are happiness, health, inner peace and spiritual awareness.

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