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Do Personal Growth Techniques Work?

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Sometimes, after reading about the results one can get from personal growth techniques, people start enthusiastically repeating affirmations, visualizing, and using various inner growth techniques.

They expect immediate results, and they might get them if they aim at some minor change in their life. Gaining immediate results can make them feel happy and elated.

However, when it comes to more important matters, change can take time. This might cause frustration, anger and bewilderment, and can makes people wonder what they are doing wrong. Sometimes, this leads them to abandon the techniques they have been using.

This is quite a common occurrence, and you might have faced this situation yourself.  After reading a book or attending a workshop on personal development, the law of attraction or any other subject related to personal development, you become inspired and motivated. You suddenly discover that you can make changes in your life.

You start practicing what you have learned, and you soon obtain visible results. You feel elated and satisfied that you are making progress, but then, all of a sudden, nothing seems to work anymore. You affirm and visualize or follow other techniques, but nothing happens. This is quite frustrating.

Some people abandon their hopes and expectations, feeling they are facing a wall. Others read book after book or participate in endless workshops, believing that this will help them understand better the inner laws. This sometimes turns into an obsession of reading one book after another, and practically doing nothing.

Why does this happen? Why the personal growth techniques work at first, and then stop bringing results?

This is all very simple:

1) When you first come to know about techniques that can change and improve your life, you become enthusiastic and motivated. It suddenly dawns on you that you can improve your life. You act with emotion, desire, motivation and happiness, and this brings fast results.

2) It is not always possible to stay feeling “high”, and even if you get results, motivation, elation and emotions start to wane, and without them nothing seem to happen. You stop directing emotional energy into your desires.

3) Minor goals, such getting a check for $100 or finding a parking space, do not require so much dedication, persistence and skills, such as owning a business of your own or making big money.

4) After making some minor changes in your life and finding that the techniques work, you desire to do something bigger, but now you face a problem:

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A) You discover that there is nothing in particular that you want to achieve.

B) You don’t possess enough desire force to achieve big goals.

C) You don’t know what you want to achieve.

D) You lack patience, because bigger goals require more time to achieve, and sometimes also require certain skills and knowledge, which you need to acquire.

E) Too big goals require a certain character and mental and emotional makeup that you may not possess.

F) Not everyone desires to make big changes in his life. Many actually prefer the life they know and don’t want to make changes.

G) Achieving success requires patience, self-discipline and persistence, and not everyone possesses these qualities.

H) Success with affirmations, visualization and the law of attraction is dependent on several factors, one of them being able to think big and see far beyond your current life style and circumstances, and not everyone is able or willing to do so.

The same hold true with concentration and meditation. One might notice of progress in the beginning, and then it seems that there is a standstill. The remedy is of course being persistence and not giving up. It is also important not to get tense or feel bad, if nothing seems to work, as it is all part of a natural inner growth process.

Inner growth, personal development, affirmations and visualization do work, but require dedication. It is as if you are at first shown that they do work, get some personal proof, so that you believe that they work, but then you need to work to make progress.

Some understanding and some knowledge about a few techniques are not enough. People need to be kept motivated, and also shown what they might face on the way. They also need to be shown the difficulties and problems on the way, and be provided with the tools for overcoming them. This is one of the reasons why I have written several books that teach how to develop the inner strength, persistence and self-discipline necessary for achieving anything in life.

These books provide the necessary advice, instructions and exercises, and take the reader gradually and step-by-step toward both personal and spiritual growth and success.

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