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35 Positive Thinking Phrases to Change Your Life

Positive Thinking Phrases

What are positive thinking phrases? They are sentences, quotes or sayings that inspire and motivate, and which contain insights and knowledge. They are like doors leading to new thoughts and a wider viewpoint.

Positive thinking phrases can help you change your mindset and help you improve your life.

Positive thinking phrases and sayings are similar to affirmations, those positive statements that can affect your subconscious mind and your life in a good and constructive way.

35 Positive Thinking Phrases and Sayings

Below, you will find a list of positive thinking phrases that I have written. Don’t read them just once, but many times. Each time that you read them, you will gain new insights, and become more positive in your life and in your actions.

1. I expect the best, aspire for the best, and do my best.

2. As the sun shines after the night is over, so success appears after problems and failure.

3. If some people achieve success, it means that others can too, including you.

4. It does not cost money to think, feel and act positively, and it does not cost money to think, feel and act negatively, so why not choose to think, feel and act positively?

5. If you want success, you don’t sit down moan and complain. Instead, make plans and carry them out.

6. If you don’t like the kind of life you are living now, start making changes. You can live a different lifestyle. All you need is ambition, motivation, a good plan and perseverance.

7. Every thought, every emotion and every word you express, affects you and the people around you. Therefore, be careful of what you think, feel and say.

8. I appreciate the goods things in my life and thank the Universe for them.

9. I can learn new skills and I can improve every area of my life.

10. I believe in myself and in my ability to find love, progress in my work, and achieve success in everything I do.

11. I have the motivation and inner strength to invest all the effort needed in following my dreams and goals and making them come true.

12. I invite happiness, love, peace and satisfaction into my life.

13. I welcome every day with love and joy.

14. I am open to new experiences, new possibilities and new opportunities.

15. I have an infinite number of possibilities, and I am going to choose the best ones.

16. I shower love, happiness and kindness on everyone I meet, and get the same love, happiness and kindness from them.

17. I send love, happiness and success to my friends and family, and for everyone who loves and likes me, and even for people who do not like me.

18. Day by day, my life is improving in every way.

19. I am learning to accept everything without judgement and without taking anything too personally.

20. There is no use to dwell in the past. Whatever happened in the past belongs to the past, but the past does not exist now. What exists now is the present. Therefore, live in the present, improve the present, and enjoy the present.

21. The sooner you get free of the past, the sooner you will have more control over your present and your future.

22. When you let go of the past you make room for new experiences, new people, and new opportunities.

23. Believe that you can become successful, even when experiencing failure and disappointment. If you keep this mental image in your mind, you will ultimately become successful.

24. A strong belief that you can be successful will take you forward, motivate you, and inspire you to take action and move forward.

25. You can be happy the moment you choose to stop dwelling on hurts, losses and the things you do not like in your life.

26. When you believe in yourself, you do not need the approval of other people for your beliefs and for your actions.

27. When waking up in the morning, tell yourself how wonderful your day is going to be. Repeat positive phrases a few times, and believe the words you are repeating.

28. When you enter bed at night, tell yourself how wonderful is going to be tomorrow.

29. Replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts and negative feelings with positive feelings. If it is difficult, do not give up. Just continue until this turns into an effortless habit.

30. When you change your mind and open the door to better and happier thoughts, your life would change accordingly.

31. If you are facing difficulties now, take this as a challenge, and with energy and joy start looking for a solution, instead of getting depressed and becoming passive.

32. If you say, “I can’t” you close your mind to opportunities and stay where you are. If you say, “I can”, you open your mind to opportunities and move forward.

33. If there something I cannot do, I can learn to do.

34. If you expect to find opportunities and you will find them. All you need is to change your mind and start expecting and believing.

35. There are always small things in your everyday, which you can do differently. Making things differently changes your life and makes it more interesting.

Any sentence, phrase or saying that makes you feel good, happy and inspired is worth reading over and again, writing it down, and putting it where you can see it often every day. It can be useful in your everyday life, in good times and in difficult times. It energizes, inspires and empowers you.

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