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How to Change Your Mood and State of Mind Using Affirmations

Change Your Mood

The words we say or hear have power over our moods and state of mind. They affect how we feel.

Words drive us to do certain things or to abstain from certain actions.

Words can inspire, encourage, and motivate us, but they can also discourage and create doubts.

Can we use words in a conscious and intentional way to change how we feel and think? Sure we can!

Can we get a boost of confidence, happiness, or positivity when we need them? Yes, we can!

Read on to find out!

Use the Power of Words to Change How You Feel

  • It is not only what people say that affects us, both emotionally and mentally, but also the words we tell ourselves, the words we repeat in our minds.
  • Do you often tell yourself that life is difficult?
  • Do you keep repeating in your mind or telling others that you cannot succeed, that you cannot lose weight, or that you cannot find a good job?

Most of us repeat words without being aware that we are actually using these words as affirmations.

These words, when repeated often, act as autosuggestions. It’s as if we are hypnotizing ourselves into believing what we are saying or hearing and, eventually, acting according to these words.

You might not be aware of this, but these words affect your expectations, state of mind, and moods.

The words you repeat or repeatedly hear sink into your subconscious mind and influence your state of mind, moods, actions, and reactions subconsciously.

Do You Repeat Negative Words in Difficult Situations?

  • When things are tough, what words do you use, positive or negative?
  • Do you keep complaining and worrying about the problems you are facing?

This is the standard way of thinking of most people, but this does not have to be like this.

You can replace this kind of negative thinking with positive thinking.

Any time you catch yourself saying that life is difficult, that you cannot do a certain thing, or that you expect things to go wrong, stop immediately.

Then, replace these negative words with positive words, and believe in what you are saying.

This might not be easy, but with perseverance, you will win.

For example:

When you say “I cannot succeed,” replace these words with “I can succeed.”

When you say, “It’s impossible to do,” replace these words with “It’s completely possible.”

If you say, “Life is so difficult,” replace this statement with the words, “Day by day, my life is improving and becoming happier.”

Affirmations Are Words with Power

What are affirmations? These are short declarations charged with power.

Affirmations are declarations about how you want to feel, how you want to think and act, about the things you want to do, and about the things you want to achieve.

Instead of letting your mind focus on worries, doubts, and problems, affirmations direct your conscious and subconscious minds to hope, positive expectations and encouraging words.

As you keep repeating these words, they sink into your subconscious and change your mindset and how you feel.

This process puts a great power in your hands, the power to change your moods, your state of mind, and even the situations in your life.

Affirmations can:

  • Increase your motivation
  • Strengthen your ambition
  • Make you feel happy
  • Bring hope into your life
  • Make you more considerate and caring
  • See the good in every situation
  • Think positive and expect positive results
  • Inspire you

Wikipedia says about this process: “The practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.”

As you see, the effects of the words of the affirmations can affect you in a wide range of areas.

Affirmations for Inspiration

Here are a few examples of affirmations for inspiration:

  1. I feel great and wonderful.
  2. My life is improving in every area.
  3. I handle every task easily and efficiently.
  4. My life is improving in every way.
  5. I handle every task and situation with confidence and efficiency.

Affirmations for Changing Your Mood and State of Mind

  1. I feel good and happy.
  2. Everything in my life is improving.
  3. My mind is focusing on the bright side of life.
  4. I feel great and wonderful about the good changes in my life.
  5. I feel confident in every situation.
  6. There is calmness in my mind and body.
  7. I look at the bright side of life.
  8. Happiness is now filling my awareness and my life.
  9. I have the inner strength to do anything I want.
  10. I am letting joy fill my life.

Remember, affirmations are words of power, which can have a tremendous effect on how you feel and think.

Fill Your Mind with Positive Thoughts

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and words instead of negative ones. What you keep repeating in your mind, or the words you keep saying to others, have a tremendous effect on you, which you might not be aware of.

Why not develop a little awareness of the words you say and use? This would give you tremendous power over your life.

You can change your mood and state of mind from unhappiness to happiness, from fear to confidence, and from failure to a winning state of mind. You can teach yourself to enjoy a positive, joyful state of mind.

Using affirmations is a conscious way of making changes in your life.

Using affirmations is a powerful way of changing how you feel and becoming more motivated, positive, and happier.

If you wish to learn more about how the power affirmations and the power words can affect your life, I highly recommend reading the book Affirmations Words with Power.

How to Charge Your Words with Power

Words have more power when they are charged with feelings.

Feelings and emotions are like electricity; they charge your words with power.

Feelings and emotions make words powerful, moving, encouraging, and motivating.

If you wish to get results repeating affirmations, you need to inject the energy of your feelings and emotions into them.

How to inject feelings and emotions into your words?

This is simple!

  • Bring to your memory a happy event that you experienced in the past. While thinking of it, let the feelings of happiness and joy fill your awareness.
  • Start repeating your affirmation for a moment while reliving this past event’s joy.
  • At the same time, pay attention to the words you are repeating.

You can repeat affirmations any time you want. You can also repeat them when you feel down and unhappy. Always remember to associate positive feelings with them, and avoid thinking about your problems or difficulties while repeating them.

Don’t underestimate the power of affirmations. They are a very useful tool in everyday life, for changing your mindset and attitude, overcoming negative habits, and building new habits.

They are a great tool for changing how you feel, for motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

Used in the right way, they can also make positive changes in your life, and help you achieve your dreams and goals.

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