Balance College and Relationships

How to Balance College and Relationships

Most college romances don’t last, and the ones that do, weather challenging storms. To be fair, juggling schoolwork and your life is daunting. The pressure of assignments, projects, deadlines, and social life affects commitment to a love affair. But life is not designed to be lived alone. According to research, …

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Toxic People

Toxic People: 8 Ways to Deal with Them

It isn’t easy to be around someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure. Being in the company of a toxic person can leave you drained, constantly questioning your own judgment and wondering what is their next move. Such people can exhaust you physically, emotionally and mentally. If you find …

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Couples Therapy Techniques

5 Couples Therapy Techniques that Can Help Solve Relationship Problems

An effective couples therapy exercise will help heal broken relationships and keep the relationship between two partners healthy. In essence, these powerful exercises can improve listening and communication skills while also helping restore mutual trust. These exercises include different treatment approaches, such as mindfulness-based interventions, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and positive psychology. …

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True Love Awaits You

Believe That True Love Awaits You

One of the most significant mental tools for finding love is BELIEVING that your wish to find love is going to come true. Believe that you are going to find your soulmate, even if you have been disappointed so many times in the past. Believe that you are going to …

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