Time for Your Partner

How to Make Time for Your Partner?

When life keeps you at your toes every minute, you need to take care of your priorities. A healthy relationship with your partner is truly a safe haven. But sometimes, even the strongest relationships face the wrath of life responsibilities. You wanted her to be your girlfriend more than anything …

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Right Guy for You

How to Know If He Is the Right Guy for You?

Don’t we all desire to have our ‘Mr. Right’ in our lives who would make us swing on love songs? Is having the ‘right guy’ in life seems like an unattainable dream? Is the concept of the “right guy” a dream? All we want is to find our true love, …

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Relationships Negotiation-Tips

15 Negotiation Tips That Will Help You to Save Relationships

There is no independent living in human nature. Therefore, conflict is unavoidable in a human relationship for growth. Negotiation is a core activity in every social relationship for proper conflict resolution and maintenance of the relationship. Your ability to negotiate is essential because you cannot always have your way. Honing …

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Self Doubt Relationship

How Self-Doubt Affects Your Relationship

Have you ever reached the end of a relationship, and upon reflection, realized how big a role your low self-esteem played in the breakup? Your belief in yourself and the confidence it inspires plays a pivotal part in making you ‘relationship material’. A lack of self-assurance and having faith in …

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Benefits of Love and Marriage

5 Unexpected Health Benefits of Love and Marriage

When you got married, you knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. You knew this was the right decision for your heart, but did you know it was also the best decision you could have made for your physical and mental health? …

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