5 Tips for Increasing Your Attention Span

Increasing Attention Span

Do you have a short or long attention span?

For how long can you fix your attention on what you are doing, before your mind moves to something else?

Are you easily bored, and cannot hold your focus on one thing more than a few seconds?

In this age of the smartphone, Internet and social media, it seems that the attention span of most people is getting shorter. People lose patience and interest quickly, and it is becoming difficult to get deeper into any subject. Life for most people is becoming too superficial.

The rush of everyday life, stress at work, overload of information from the Internet, and spending long hours in front of the big and small screen are depriving people from their ability to focus their attention.

The attention span is becoming shorter, and people are losing their ability to listen, read and interact with people in the real world.

  • People are losing their ability to focus their attention.
  • People are having less and less control over their mind and thoughts.
  • People are stopping to think deeply and get into detail.
  • The digital world is becoming the reality for many people, instead of the real world. This makes it more difficult to take action, interact with people, and act in the real world.

All this, leads to losing the ability to study, work and achieve success. You cannot achieve anything, if your mind flutters like a leaf on a windy day. This is not the way to be the master of your life.

Increasing the attention should be one of the primary goals for everyone.

How do you increase your attention span?

You do so by training.

You gain focus and increase your attention span by training your mind to focus. This might not be easy at the start, since you will have to deal with a weakened focus and attention span. However, with persistence and practicing mental exercises you will improve your attention span and get control over your mind and thoughts.

Tips and Advice for Increasing the Attention Span

Do you want to make the first steps toward lengthening the time you can hold attention on one thing without getting distracted? Implement the following simple tips in your everyday life:

1. When surfing the Internet, try to finish reading one complete article from start to finish at least once a day. Do not just scan the article with your eyes or read a few words and then move on. Strive to read every word despite lack of patience, lack of time or laziness.

2. When talking with people, strive to listen to them, without interrupting them or moving to another topic. Curb your impatience and lack of interest, and try to be a good listener.

This will help you become patient and increase your ability to master your mind and your attention in other areas of life.

3. When replying to friends on any social media, write at least three full sentences in your reply. Do not be laconic. Express yourself a little more. This requires more attention and more patience.

4. When traveling buy bus or train, keep your phone in your pocket or purse, and take off 10-20 minutes to watch the people around you, look through the window, or have a conversation with someone sitting near you.

You will certainly discover a new and fascinating world.

5. Several times a day, try to focus your complete attention on what you are doing at the moment, without looking at the screen of your phone, thinking of other matters, or letting your attention get distracted. For example, when eating, focus on eating. When reading, focus on reading. When dressing focus on the act of dressing. When working focus on your work.

The mind is easily distracted, and therefore, you need to learn to keep it under control.

You need to be especially careful with your smartphone. Every sound it makes, every message that appears distract the attention. This makes it difficult to focus for more than a few seconds. You fear that you might lose something if you do not respond immediately. Is this fear justified?

Will you really lose something if you do not read or respond to a message immediately? Is this worth weakening your attention span and disturbing your ability to focus your mind?

If you truly want to improve your attention span, increase your focus and improve concentration you need to learn focus your attention. You need to master and control your mind and attention.

In my book, Focus Your Attention, I have discussed this matter in detail, and provided instructions, advice and exercises to help you increase your attention span and strengthen your focus and concentration. This book is easy to read and follow, and is suitable for everyone.

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