9 Reasons Why Your Visualization Is not Working

Visualization - Making Things Happen

Have you tried to practice creative visualization, but did not get results?

Did you try to visualize a certain goal, but after a while gave up, because nothing happened?

Did you become frustrated, concluding that creative visualization does not work for you?

The most probable reason is that you did not follow the rules of using creative visualization.

For people who do not know what creative visualization is, here is a short definition.

What Is Creative Visualization?

Creative visualization is a mental technique of using your imagination to produce results. In simple words, what you visualize in your mind you can achieve in your life.

  • If you want a new, you visualize a new job.
  • If you want love, you visualize yourself in love.
  • If you want a new apartment, you visualize yourself living in a new apartment.

For this the technique to work, you need to follow certain rules. Not following the rules is the reason why you visualization does not produce results.

Creative visualization is synonymous what some teachers and authors call “The Law of Attraction”, about which you might have heard or read in recent years.

Why Your Visualization Is not Working

Below, you will have a few of the reasons why your visualization might not be producing results.

1. You need to have a clear-cut goal. You must define exactly what you want. Hazy and unclear goals are difficult to realize. How can you accomplish a goal if you do not know exactly what you want?

2. Some goals, especially if they are big, or require making some changes in your life, take time to materialize. If you are impatient and tend to give up after a short time, you will not be able to accomplish these goals.

3. Do you think negative thoughts, or entertain in your mind doubts and disbelief that you can accomplish your goal? This kind of negative attitude repels the fulfillment of your goal.

You neutralize your efforts if you think a positively about your goal for a few minutes, and have doubts or think about them negatively the rest of the day. This is poor investment of your time, and is one of the main reasons why you are not getting results.

4. Every goal requires ambition and a strong desire. If you do not have ambition and a strong desire, you will probably quit after some time. It also means that you do not really care about this goal and are not willing to give everything to accomplish it.

5. Creative visualization is not a sort of magic, where you get results out of thin air. It is not enough just to visualize for a few minutes and then get results. It does not work in this way. You need to visualize repeatedly, have a strong desire, have faith in the technique, be positive, and expect results.

There are certain rules you need to follow, and these are explained in various book, such as for example, in the book Manifest and Achieve Your Whatever You Want.

6. Visualizing and doing nothing, and just waiting for things to happen, is not enough. This is not the right way to produce results. You need to visualize, and at the same time, do whatever necessary to bring plans into fruition. Visualize, but also act. The successful people of the world visualize what they want, but they are also active, and spend time and effort I to accomplish their goals in addition to visualization.

7. Visualization attracts situations, circumstances, opportunities and people who can help you, but you need to recognize them, take action, and not stay passive. Doors will open, but you need to enter them, not just wait for things to happen.

8. The techniques of creative visualization, if practiced correctly, can motivate and inspire, attract opportunities and open doors, but have to be aware of them and use them. You need to keep your mind open. This is most helpful.

Sometimes, things can go fast and plans and goals realized fast with almost no effort on your part, especially with minor goals. Bigger goals require more time and effort on your part.

9. Visualization can shorten your way to success, if you use it often, do not give up in the face of obstacles and delays, persevere, and abide by certain mental laws, which you can find in books about this topic and in the above-mentioned book.