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Why Is Goal Setting Important?

Setting Goals

It is important to have goals in your life. Coaches, motivators, and authors tell you that you have to set goals. There is a lot of talking about goals.

Are Goals Important?

Is goal setting important?

Goals are important in the sense that they give you direction in life. It is better to have a simple or not so important goal than having no goals at all.

Having goals is like having a map. You know where you are heading, and this gives you zest, motivation, more energy, and a reason to get up in the morning. You become more alive.

Do you have goals? I don’t mean wishes. A real goal is not a wish. It is something into which you will put all your efforts and energy so you can achieve it.

A goal does not have to be something big. Not everyone wants to achieve big goals on a major scale.

Most people are satisfied with simple goals, and that’s okay. They want a comfortable, happy, and healthy life, and this is possible and within reach.

Setting a goal does not necessarily mean striving for something colossus, simple goals are no less important than big ones.

Only a certain percentage of the population is really interested in major goals and is willing to do everything to achieve them.

Your goal might be to become a millionaire, own a chain store, or become a famous actor or singer. However, most goals are not on such a scale. Most of them are more ordinary ones.

Most goals are:

  • Finding a new job.
  • Earning enough money to support your family.
  • Buying a new refrigerator.
  • Getting a new laptop.
  • Finding the time to meditate every day.
  • Learning a foreign language.
  • Losing a few pounds of weight.
  • Going to a movie on a certain day with a certain person.
  • Training at a gym regularly.
  • Being in love.
  • Finding happiness.

These, and similar goals are important goals, and are what most people want to achieve. These are the very things that make

Of course, you might seek greater aims, and that’s okay.

Why Setting Goals Is Important?

1. Goals set a direction

When you have a direction, there are less stress and strain in your life, because you know where you are going. It’s like having a map showing you the direction. You don’t waste time going in circles and arriving nowhere.

2. Goals motivate and make life more interesting

When you have a goal, you feel that you are moving toward a destination that is important for you, and this makes you feel happier, safer, stronger and more confident.

3. Goals help you focus your mind

When you have a goal, you focus your attention on a target, and you don’t waste your time and energy on everything that comes your way. Without a goal, you might start a project, and then move to another one before you finish the previous one. If you never finish what you start, you can never accomplish anything worthwhile.

This means, as the famous saying says, being Jack of all trades and the master of none.

4. Setting a goal is like having a road map

An airplane has a set route it has to follow, in order to arrive at its destination. So does a ship. Wind and weather conditions can affect the airplane’s and ship’s courses. However, knowing the exact destination enables the pilot and the captain to make the proper adjustments. So it is with goals.

With a clear-cut goal, you know where you are heading, and can always correct your course if you move away from it.

Setting a goal is like having a map, a compass, and a clear route to your destination. You know where you are and where you are heading.

5. Setting goals creates hope and confidence

You experience hope, inner peace and confidence when you set a goal and work on accomplishing it. It is like switching on a torch that sheds light on your path and helps you go in a straight line, instead of going in circles.

6. The journey is no less important than the goal

Enjoy the journey toward your goal. The goal is important, but the route is not less important.

On the route you learn new things, have new and exciting experiences, interact with people and get new skills.

It is like traveling by train to a certain destination. You can be nervous, keep looking at your watch, and wait impatiently to arrive at your destination.

On the other hand, you can enjoy the journey, look at the scenery, read a book, or even make friends with the people traveling with you.

You will experience more happiness and satisfaction, if you enjoy the road, not just wait to arrive at your destination. You will be happier if you adopt this attitude when working on your goals.

7. Enjoy the road

The goal sets the direction, but you should enjoy all the steps leading to the goal, all the creative thinking, the action and the rewards.

The journey might be long, and the actual moment of arriving and enjoying it, short. So, why not enjoy the journey, instead of waiting impatiently to arrive at your destination?

When you go on a trip, the goal is to enjoy the road, the scenery and the food, not just to arrive to a certain destination.

Now that you know why it is important to set goals and work on accomplishing them, start enjoying every moment you spent on moving toward your goal. Make it fun and joy and your life would be fun and joy.

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