Why Setting Clear and Definite Goals Is Important

Definite Goal

Imagine you could choose three wishes to be granted, what would you choose?

Would you ask for the first thing that comes to your mind, or would you give the matter some deep thought and make a wise choice?

Maybe you know exactly what you want, and you don’t even have to think about it.

If you are clear about your goals, this is easy. However, if you don’t know what you want, this is a difficult question.

Most people don’t have clear goals. However, if you want to achieve success in your life you need to know exactly what you want. Without setting clear and definite goals you will not be able to focus your energies and would not accomplish much.

How to Set a Clear Goal

If you want to succeed, you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction. You might start a project, quit it and start something else. This leads nowhere.

Your first step to success should be to know exactly what you want.

It is important that you have clear goals. Why? Because a clear goal is the shortest path to realizing it.

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This is a difficult task for most people. Many go through life where it takes them, lacking any direction. They find it difficult to arrive to a clear understanding of their abilities, what they are best suited to do, and what they really desire to do with their lives.

You need to look inside you for the answer.

  1. Sit down everyday, with a pencil and paper, where you won’t be disturbed, and write down all the ideas that come to your mind.
  2. Analyze every desire. Find its pros and cons, and whether you really want it achieved. You will be surprised how many ideas, which look plausible at first, turn to be unimportant goals after a little thinking.
  3. Set attainable goals. Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goal you set and that you really want to accomplish it. If you set unrealistic goals, or ones you don not really want, you will just waste time and energy.
  4. Don’t despair if you don’t find anything that really interests you. Just keep thinking, writing down and analyzing your ideas day after day.
  5. Even if you don’t find what is most important for you after a few days, a week or more, the understanding and insight will gradually unfold to you.
  6. After going through the above steps, sift the goals you thought about, and make a priority list.
  7. Write down the goals that are most important, and look at this list everyday, several times a day.
  8. Now, with an open mind, start thinking what could be the first step to take toward success.

Remember, even small goals are goals.

One of the reasons people find it difficult to decide about goals is because they believe they have to choose something big, and this frightens them. They might be afraid of the big responsibilities that come by pursuing and achieving big goals, and prefer to lead a simple, ordinary life.

When looking for your true desires, don’t just think about the wealthy and famous people you see on TV or read about in the newspapers. Though people might like to see them and read about them, not everyone wants to attain fame and power.

This might seem strange to say, but most people would feel more comfortable and satisfied with smaller goals.

Achieving smaller goals on a personal and more mundane level might be what want or prefer, and that’s quite okay.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Goals

Ask yourself the following questions about your goals:

  1. Upon achieving this goal, would I be happy and satisfied?
  2. What will it solve in my life?
  3. What will be its effect on my life?
  4. What will be its effect on other people?
  5. Do I really want to achieve this goal?

After finding what you want, and are sure about it, try to see how you can make your goal a little bigger.

Don’t limit your thinking, because whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can eventually accomplish. For example, if your goal is finding a good and satisfying job, think about something bigger and believe you can get it.

If you desire a certain amount of money, and you feel mentally comfortable with it, try thinking about a larger amount.

If your goal is to lose a few pounds, try getting your mind comfortable with the idea of losing a little more, provided of course you don’t harm your health.

After setting clear and definite goals, you will certainly know what are your three most important wishes.

You don’t need to ask for a genie to grant your wishes, because you have within you the power to make them come true. These are the powers of visualization and affirmations.

Remember, what the mind can conceive and believe to be possible, it can eventually achieve.

Tip 1
Frame your goals in positive words. Look at your goals as realistic and achievable, no matter how big they are.

Tip 2
Build a realistic mental image in your mind, with all the details. This would help you pinpoint all the details. The clearer your goal is, the easier it would be to achieve it.