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Why You Should Pull Funny Faces in the Mirror Every Day

Play and Fun

Every day, first thing in the morning, you should pull funny faces in the mirror. It should be your top priority – just before you wash your face.

Having a sparkling clean face is a good thing, no doubt about it. But would you really suffer if you missed the odd day or two, or washed it later?

There are other things in life we are told to do every day. Change your socks, brush your teeth, eat fruit and vegetables, spray on deodorant, We do these things religiously because they are good for us, and our mums told us to do them.

Here’s something many mums forget to tell their children:

What You Should Do Every Day

I have a new thing I propose we should ALL do every day for the good of our lives. It’s not the usual humdrum cleaning your ear type of thing. It’s MORE important than that, yet so neglected…

That is to play and have fun.

Why is it that fun is not seen as an essential thing to do every day? It’s not even seen as an essential ting to do every week. But listen to this…

Without fun we are doomed. We move away from a “human being”, to a “human doing”. We move from living to existing.

This is obviously not good for the soul. Our happiness suffers. We get more stressed, and less effective at work. We argue with our friends and family, and push them away. The world begins to feel like a cold hostile place.

All work, No Play

Without fun and play we can focus too much on life. We begin to take it too seriously.

Instead of enjoying life for what it is, we continuously try to change it. This means we NEVER enjoy the moment we’re in. We’re too busy looking to the future at how to improve things.

The problem is that even if we do manage to “improve” things, we move the goal posts again and look for further improvements.

This is why I propose that everyone should make sure they have a little fun every day. This should be seen as an essential component of your day. More important than washing dishes or grooming your hair.

Make Time for Fun

Prioritize time to have fun. MAKE the time.

You wouldn’t say you didn’t have time to shower or brush your teeth would you? That’s because you don’t want to smell or have rotting teeth. But do you want to be miserable, snappy, and stressed?

To get yourself off to a good start, you should pull at least 5 different funny faces in the mirror every day. This should be before you brush your teeth or wash your face.

In fact, do this right now.

If you haven’t got a mirror handy, then use your web cam.

Or you can go free style – there’s no official rules. If you’re in a public place like an office, then pull them slyly without anyone seeing. Perhaps at someone when they’re not looking. This adds to the fun!

Doing this will set you up for the day. It will get the muscles in your face working. It might even force you to crack a smile. It will also remind you to have some fun.

Too many of us spend our lives chasing rainbows. Constantly looking for something better, we never appreciate what we have. With a little fun in your life, you get a break and remember the world you are in right now.

Having fun does not need to be expensive, difficult, or time consuming. It can be simple, like pulling faces in the mirror, or behind someone’s back!

Here are a few ideas:

Fun Ideas

Here’s a few other simple ways to have fun:

  • Learn how to Moonwalk. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to be able to do this.
  • Make a paper airplane.
  • Seduce your partner.
  • Call someone you haven’t spoken to in ages.
  • Have a go on a musical instrument you can’t play.
  • Watch some comedy.
  • Play with toys.

Final Thoughts

Start your day by pulling faces in the mirror BEFORE you brush your teeth. See it as an essential part of your routine. Then continue the day as you left off.

Life HAS to fun if you want to enjoy it and stay sane. Spend more time in the NOW. It’s too easy to get bogged down with the boring things in life, such as work and your mortgage – yuck.

Make your life enjoyable and try and enjoy EVERYTHING that is happening, even the boring stuff.

Leave notes around your home and office if necessary, reminding you to “Have Fun”. This will help keep you sane, and just might save your life. At the very least it will be more interesting. Enjoy!

About the Author
Jon Rhodes is a clinical hypnotherapist from the UK. He has combined his two unique talents of music and hypnotherapy to produce the ultimate hypnotherapy MP3 collection. Please click here to find out more, and to receive 3 FREE sessions.