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Quotes on Happiness and on Being Happy

Quotes on Happiness

A list of quotes on happiness and on being happy.

What is happiness? How can we define it?

Happiness can be defined as the experience of joy, contentment, and a good feeling about yourself and your life. It is a positive emotion that makes you feel good, satisfied and calm, and gives a sense of well-being and bliss.

Here, you will find quotes that explain the meaning of happiness, quotes that motivate and quotes that will inspire you to be more happy and positive.

Happy quotes bring joy, gladness and positive feelings into your life.

Quotes about Happiness and on Being Happy

Written by Remez Sasson

Being happy quotes to bring joy and gladness into your life.

“Smile while talking, and you will make people happier.”

“A calm mind, with no restless thinking, is the gate to true happiness.”

“Finding reasons to laugh, will make you feel better and happier.”

“Inspiring quotes and words are like vitamins to the soul.”

“Cheerfulness is contagious. Choose cheerful people for your friends and you will become cheerful too.”

“Your thoughts and worries hide your happiness, as clouds hide the sun. As the wind blows away the clouds and uncover the sun, so you can blow away your negative thoughts and worries and let happiness shine.”

“There is no need to search for happiness or to create it. There is no need to undergo all kinds of external experiences in order to enjoy it. It is always here, deep within your soul. You only need to uncover it.”

“Happiness is always here, within you, but too often, covered by worries, fears and desires.”

“Being happy is the basic and important goal of every living creature.”

“Satisfaction in life depends on how happy you are.”

“Your attitude decides whether you are happy or not. If you are unhappy, you need to change your attitude toward yourself and toward your life.”

“Patience and equanimity bring calmness and inner peace, and this creates a sense of happiness.”

happy Quotes for Life

“It is our attitude toward life that makes us feel happy or unhappy, satisfied or unsatisfied. You have the power to change your attitude.”

“The quality of your thoughts affects your state of your mind and how you feel.”

“Happiness is experienced after a problem has been solved, a fear has disappeared, or after attaining something you desire. At this moment, the your mind becomes free from its fears, worries and desires, and becomes quiet, letting happiness emerge from within you.”

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“Happiness is within you. When you stop the chatter of your mind and remove your worries and fears, you will discover that happiness surfaces into your awareness from within you.”

“Happiness is not something that is far away and unattainable. Even if it does not seem so, it is within your reach.”

“Read every day at least one quotation about being happy, think about it, and try to act in accordance with it.”

“Happiness is one of the most important treasures. It is within your soul. All you have to do, is calm down the constant chatter of your mind and start enjoying it.”

“In every situation, even a bad or unpleasant one, there is something good, happy or amusing. Why not focus on it, instead of focus on the difficulties and unpleasantness?”

“Seek the company of happy people, and you will discover that they are infecting you with their happiness.”

“Copy a few quotes about being happy to your smartphone, and read them whenever you feel the need to boost your mood.”

“You bring joy and good feelings into your day, when you start your day with a positive state of mind. Reading few happiness quotations when you wake up in the morning, will make you feel more content, satisfied and positive.”

Finding Happiness Quotes

More quotes about being happy.

“When you wake up from deep sleep you feel happy. This is because the mind is usually quiet in deep sleep. This means that if you are able to make your mind quiet during your waking hours, you will experience more happiness in your life.”

“Doing every day something to make you feel happy, will create a happiness habit.”

“Being happy for other people’s happiness increases your own happiness.”

“Choose happiness, focus on happiness, and you will start finding happiness in your life.”

“Let the joy in your heart overflow and affect everyone you meet.”

“A good word to a friend or to a stranger brings light into their life.”

“With a positive frame of mind, you broadcast positive thoughts and feelings to the world around you, making it a happier world”

“Being happy, drives away worries, anger and lack of satisfaction.”

Reading quotes every day brings happiness and hope into your life, and makes you inspired and motivated.

“Insist on being happy, even when the situation is tough and difficult, and it would become easier to overcome the difficulties.”

“A positive attitude and optimism makes it easier to enjoy happiness.”

“A happy state of mind makes you immune to the difficulties of life.”

“Be happy for other people’s success and happiness, and you will soon begin to attract success and happiness into your life.”

Quotes about Happy Life

“Being happy makes you content, positive and optimistic.”

“People who hang quotations about happiness on the walls of their office, affect favorably the mood and feelings of the people who enter their office.”

“Keeping a happy state of mind, even in difficult situations and when in the company of stressful people, makes life a more pleasant experience for you and for the people around you.”

“Strive to do everything you do, even boring tasks and everyday chores, with feelings of gladness and contentment, and soon, all your actions will bring you joy and satisfaction.”

“Want to bring more joy into your life? Watch the sunrise or the sunset. Walk on the beach. Read a good book.”

“Strive to achieve a small goal each day that does not take too long to accomplish. This will make you feel content and satisfied.”

“Do at least one thing a day that makes you feel elated. Do at least one thing a day that makes other people elated and joyous.”

“Laugh more often. Smile more often. Say positive words more often.”

“Happiness consists of a calm and relaxed mind.”

“Souls blossom in peaceful and happy situations.”

“The time to be happy in this world is right here and now.”

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