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Unclutter Your Mind and You Will Find Inner Peace

Unclutter Your Mind

Stop everything you are doing, and for a few moments, direct your attention to your mind, to your thoughts.

Be aware of what you are thinking about.

Watch how one thought goes, making a place for another thought.

What do you see?

You would probably not be able to keep your attention on your thoughts for more than a few moments or seconds. You will soon get absorbed in the thinking process, follow your thoughts, and get immersed in them.

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However, no matter how briefly you look dispassionately at your mind, you will be aware of the many thoughts that occupy it.

They are not there all simultaneously. There is one thought coming for a little while, and then another associated thought follows.

It is like those small light bulbs that each bulb lightens up in a row.

We can compare the mind to a room cluttered with many objects, so many that you cannot move there, cannot find anything there, and it is so messed up.

When the Mind Is Cluttered There Is No Inner Peace

A cluttered mind is a mind filled with plenty of thoughts. It is a mind with open doors and open windows, and therefore, every thought is free to lodge in such a mind.

When the mind is cluttered with thoughts, you are busy with them. You are also busy with the associated feelings and emotions that they awaken within you.

The fact is that many thoughts are negative thoughts, worries, doubts, and fears. This leads to a negative state of mind and to unhappiness.

In this situation, the mind is restless and not peaceful.

How to clear your mind clutter, gain focus, and enjoy peace? We will talk about this later on.

Declutter Your Mind and Gain Inner Peace

What happens when you declutter your mind?

What happens when you remove from your mind all the clutter of unnecessary and useless thoughts?

Your mind becomes less restless and you experience inner peace.

It’s like a room full of furniture and stuff with no vacant space. When you remove the furniture and all the stuff. There is a lot of space.

It like a clouded sky hiding the sun. When the clouds go away, the sky is blue and there are light and warmth.

It’s the same with your mind. When cluttered by thoughts, there is no peace and happiness. When the number of thoughts goes down, there is less restlessness and movement, and you feel the peace in your mind.


You need to unclutter your mind. You need to remove the clutter of thoughts that pop up and lodge in your mind. This act will bring inner peace into your everyday life.

How to Declutter the Mind

How to clear your mind clutter, gain focus and enjoy peace?

There are various ways to declutter the mind. I have written about them in various articles, here, at this website.

Here are a few of the ways you can remove the thoughts that obscure your inner peace and happiness.

1. Focus and Concentration

Learning to concentrate and to focus the attention, give you control over your mind.

Improving you concentration skills with appropriate mental exercises, enables you to control your attention. You gain the ability to choose your thoughts, accept the ones you want, and reject the ones you do not want.

As your focus increases, your ability to become the gatekeeper of your mind increases.

Focus and concentration make it possible to direct your attention to one single thought, and thus, not make room for other thoughts. This can eventually lead to a peaceful and calm mind.

The ability to purge and reject useless, meaningless and repetitive thoughts, is the by-product of the skill to focus the attention at will

2. Practicing Meditation

Practicing meditation relax your body, the brain and the mind, which means more inner peace.

As you continue meditating your ability to ignore restless thoughts, doubts and worries increases.

Meditation, like focus and concentration, grants you control over your thoughts, and is a great tool from decluttering the mind.

Here are a few meditation techniques you can choose to practice, if you have not yet started practicing meditation.

3. Practicing Mindfulness

This is similar to meditation. Mindfulness is actually a form of meditation.

Being mindful, you direct your attention and awareness to your feelings, thoughts or physical sensations, and also become aware of your environment around you.

This method teaches you to become aware and live in the present moment.

This method too, involves a certain degree of focus and attention, which are the antidote to a cluttered mind.

Continued practice of mindfulness leads to inner peace.

We have on this website articles about mindfulness, which you might find useful and informative.

4. Detachment

What is detachment?

It is the ability not to become emotionally involved and affected by what people think, say or think about you.

It is a state of inner calmness and poise, and the ability not to let what people say or do agitate you emotionally and disturb your state of mind.

It is also the ability to let go of the past.

This skill, helps you keep your poise in difficult situations, enables you to let go and avoid dwelling in the past, and helps you keep away from negative thoughts.

Detachment can help you keep your mental and emotional poise and balance, and avoid taking things too personally.

When you learn to detach emotionally from anything that is bothering you, you remove doubts, worries and bothering thoughts from your mind. This, of course, leads to inner peace.

You can find here, at this website, articles about emotional detachment, as well as a book with guidance and advice about emotional detachment for a happier life.

5. Calming Down the Nonstop Chatter of the Mind

Anything that can calm down your mind, reduces the number of thoughts in the mind and increases inner peace.

There are various ways and techniques to do so, including concentration exercises, various meditation techniques, and other ways to calm the mind and free it from thoughts.

This topic has been dealt extensively in my book, Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of the Mind.

Take the First Step to Unclutter Your Mind

Do you want inner peace? Start today to declutter your mind. Choose any of the methods mentioned here. It does not matter what you choose.

All the methods complement each other, and sometimes overlap.

Remove the clutter from your mind, and you will find that your inner space is beginning to be filled with inner peace and happiness.

Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

Free your mind from endless thinking!
Discover How to Stop the Constant Chatter of the Mind