What Does Peace of Mind Mean

What Does Peace of Mind Mean?

If we wish to find peace of mind we first need to know what does peace of mind mean. People often associate peace of mind with safety and protection on the physical level, and also with financial security. This means that if you and your possessions are safe, your children are safe, you have a good and steady job, you …

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Unclutter Your Mind

Unclutter Your Mind and You Will Find Inner Peace

Stop everything you are doing, and for a few moments direct your attention, to your mind, to your thoughts. Be aware of what you are thinking about. Watch how one thought goes, making place for another thought. What do you see? You would probably not be able to keep your attention on your thoughts for more than a few moments …

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What Is Mental Calmness

What Is Mental Calmness and Why You Need It

Let me first start by saying that mental calmness has nothing to do with passivity and abstaining from taking action. It also has nothing to with a dull and uneventful life. How to define calmness? What does mental calmness mean? What Is Mental Calmness? What does mental calmness mean? How to define calmness in a few words? Calmness is a …

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Inner Calm and Mental Peace

Proven Ways to Find Inner Calm and Mental Peace

Worried about rushing thoughts that always increase your stress and anxiety? A restless mind can increase distress in your life. If you need peace in your life, try to achieve inner calm and peace of mind. Fortunately, it is possible with the help of small acts. These things are sufficient to change your entire life. Here Are Some Proven Ways …

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Inner Peace in Your Life

8 Reasons Why You Need Inner Peace in Your Life

What Does Inner Peace Mean? Inner peace means peace of mind. It is a state of mental and emotional tranquility and poise. It is a mental state without worries and anxieties. Inner peace means the ability not to take things to personally and stay poised in stressful situations. You might say that to enjoy inner peace you need to live …

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What to Do in Stressful Situations?

What to Do in Stressful Situations?

A friend once said to me, “I am an easy-going person, but when someone annoys or criticizes me, I keep thinking about what he or she said, for a long time afterwards.” What he said is true for everyone. We dwell on unpleasant remarks that someone said, on painful memories, and on worries or fears, which keep the mind in …

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Benefits of Peace and tranquility

11 Benefits of Peace of Mind and Tranquility

Peace of mind is often associated with yogis, hermits or monks, sitting alone in a far off place, in an ashram, cave or monastery, praying or meditating all day long. The truth is that peace of mind can be attained and enjoyed right here and now, even while leading a normal, ordinary life, with a job and family. Peace of …

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Closing the Doors and Windows of the Mind

The Importance of Closing the Doors and Windows of the Mind

The mind is like a house with wide open windows and doors, with nothing to stop or filter out what comes in. All thoughts, worries and fears are free to enter, dwell there, occupy the attention and disturb the mind. In this situation, there is no control of the mental house and of what goes inside it. Under these conditions, …

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Sticky, Bothering Thoughts

Do Sticky Thoughts Occupy Your Mind?

Do you have sticky thoughts that you cannot remove from your mind? Do you have bothering thoughts that keep running nonstop in your mind, causing you pain, but you are unable to stop? Everyone has sticky thoughts that come in without asking permission. They are repetitive and annoying, distracting the attention, and preventing us from focusing on our work, studies, …

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Emotionally Detached

How to Become Emotionally Detached and What Are the Benefits

You might have come across the words ’emotional detachment’. If you read descriptions of what it is, you have probably read about its negative effects. Healthline.com defines it as: “Emotional detachment is an inability or unwillingness to connect with other people on an emotional level. For some people, being emotionally detached helps protect them from unwanted drama, anxiety, or stress.” …

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