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How to Shape Your Life with the Power of Thoughts

Power of Thoughts

You have probably said more than once, “I was sure this was going to happen.”

Was it a premonition, or things happened that way because of your thoughts?

Think about several events that occurred in your life, and try to remember what kind of thoughts were in your mind, before the event took place. You might be surprised to discover that in many instances, there was a correlation between your thoughts and the event.

This might seem strange to you, but thoughts have power.

The thoughts that we often repeat in our mind influence our behavior and attitude, our actions and reactions, as well as our life and the people around us. As our thoughts are, so is our life.

This means that we need to be careful with our thoughts, especially with thoughts that we repeat often. One thought is not powerful enough to make change in our life. However, if we repeat the same thought frequently, it will gain power, become stronger and affect our life.

A repeated thought imprints itself strongly on our subconscious mind, which in turn, works toward making this thought true in our life.

Thoughts are like a movie that we play in our mind. If we keep playing the same movie in our mind, it will eventually manifest in our life and become our reality.

How to Shape Your Life with Your Thoughts

You can shape your life with your thoughts, make improvements, and make changes.

In order to shape your life the way you want, and make the changes you desire, you have to start making changes in your mind. You need to change your thoughts. Shaping your external life starts from within, in your mind.

You need to start thinking about what you really want, not about the things you do not want. It is like playing a new movie in your mind, which you like more than the current one.

The new mental movie will in time, change your behavior, actions and attitude, and would attract into your life people, situations and events corresponding with your new thoughts.

However, you need to remember that one single thought is not strong enough to make a change, but if you repeat the same thought often, it would gradually gain strength and affect your life.

A thought that is often repeated takes root in the subconscious mind, and from there, it affects your life and even your environment. The great thing about this process is that you do not need to strain or overexert yourself to make it work. All you have to do is to choose the thoughts that you want to come true, and keep repeating them in our mind.

How to Use the Power of Your Thoughts

Suppose you are shy when you meet people, but you want to change this situation. Forcing yourself to talk with people does not always work, and might make you feel uncomfortable and behave awkwardly.

There is a better way to change your behavior. You can change your behavior and habits with the help of visualization.

With the help of visualization techniques, you use the power of your thoughts to make changes in your life.

How to Use Visualization to Change Habits

If for example, you wish to change a habit, for example, stop being shy, visualize yourself feeling confident and talking fluently with people. This is similar daydreaming, which is an easy and pleasurable activity that does not require effort.

Here is what you need to do:

Visualize yourself conversing fluently, with ease and confidence. Imagine how the words just flow from your mouth, how you enjoy expressing yourself, and how everyone pays close attention to every word you say.

When using this technique, you build in your mind a perfect scene of whatever you want to accomplish.

Add details, color, sound, scents and activity into these mental scenes. Repeat them often, with faith and attention, and your subconscious mind will assist you in aligning them with your reality in a most natural way.

In this way, you can:

  • Overcome negative habits and build new ones
  • Develop new skills and abilities
  • Change situations and circumstances
  • Attain whatever you truly desire.

The power of thoughts can help you get a new job, improve your relationships, earn more money or improve your life.

These changes do not happen overnight. They need time, and depend on how earnest you are in your efforts, and on how much time and focus you put into your new way of thinking.

This is mental work, but this does not mean that you stay passive and wait for results. You need to keep an open mind and be willing to take action when necessary.

Decide what you want to get or achieve, and start thinking about it often throughout the day, or at several specific times during the day. These repeated thoughts would get stronger, and eventually, create the conditions and circumstances that correspond with your thoughts.

The power of thoughts is a real power. You have certainly used it many times without realizing it. However, when you know how it works and how to use it consciously, you gain the ability to transform, improve, and master your life.

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