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10 Ways to Be Loving and Kind to Yourself

Loving and Kind to Yourself

Do you show love and kindness to other people?

Are you helpful and sympathetic toward people?

If you watch yourself, you will discover that sometimes, in certain conditions and with certain people, you act kindly and lovingly, and at other times, you don’t.

Love and kindness are great, but do you direct them to yourself, too?

It is not enough to have love and show kindness to other people.

You have to be loving and kind to yourself, too.

However, often, we are not loving and kind toward ourselves, the person closest to us.

In this post, we will explore various ways about how to be loving and kind to yourself.

You can make your life happier and remove much of the stress you experience every day by changing your attitude toward yourself.

You have a life, not just work, tasks, chores, and responsibilities. You need ways to replenish your energies and bring joy and happiness into your life.

You can achieve goal after goal, work, and do what you think you are expected to do, but are you really happy? Are you really satisfied with your life?

If you are more loving and kind to yourself and do small things to bring joy, happiness, and satisfaction into your life, you will feel more alive and energetic, and your life will improve.

Small, daily actions can relax you, open your eyes to new opportunities, remove stress, and bring joy.

I would like to suggest a few such actions, which you can do often.

Ways to Be Loving and Kind to Yourself

Here is a list of various ways to be loving and kind to yourself, which you can learn to adopt.

1. Schedule 20 minutes a day to be alone and do something you love doing

Everyone needs some time to himself or herself, to think, make plans, read, listen to music, or do anything else alone, without pressure, talking or running errands.

While being alone you can listen to yourself and to your thoughts, and understand yourself and your needs.

2. Sometimes, take a day off to do things you love doing

Take a day off from work, and from what you do every day, and do something different. Read the books you did not have time to read, travel by bus or train to another town, or go to the beach.

It is good to break away from your routine and do different things. This will supply you with new energy, new insights and new experiences.

3. Occasionally, give yourself a treat

Once in a while, give yourself a treat. Go to your favorite coffee shop and have a cup of coffee. Go to the beach, sit on a bench and watch the sunset.

You can also choose to buy yourself a book, a pair of shoes, or go to the theater.

These are just a few examples. You can do anything else that you enjoy doing.

4. Believe in yourself

If you are in a bad situation, believe in yourself. Believe that you can get out of this situation.

If there is a goal you want to achieve, a decision you need to carry out, or an examination you have do, believe in yourself and your ability to do it right and successfully.

Believing in yourself gives you confidence and motivation, and you should therefore, refuse any negative thoughts and discouragement.

5. Repeat positive affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations signal to your subconscious mind that you love yourself and that you want the best for yourself.

Positive affirmations will make you feel positive and motivated, and drive you to follow and carry out your plans and goals.

Read my article about positive affirmations to learn more about them.

6. Read something inspiring

Just a few minutes a day of reading some inspiring stories about success, progress and achieving goals will give you inspiration and motivation.

Inspiring quotes is another source of inspiration. Reading a few quotes in the morning before going to work, several times during the day, and at night, before going to bed, will help you feel inspired, motivated and positive.

7. Go for a walk

Go for at least thirty minutes of brisk walk every day. If sometimes you are too busy, you can take a walk of ten minutes several times a day.

Such a brisk walk will give a good exercise to your body, refresh your body and mind, and give you a good feeling. While walking, do not think of your work, tasks or responsibilities. Just enjoy the moment, or think of other happy matters, unrelated to your daily life and chores.

8. Go to sleep earlier than usual

Occasionally, decide to go to sleep earlier than usual. Treat yourself, and give yourself an extra hour or two of sleep.

9. Count your blessings and skills

Do not underestimate this step. People tend to take for granted the good things in their life and complain about everything. If you keep complaining, you make yourself unhappy and people will prefer to keep a distance from you.

Instead of complaining, count your blessing each day. Think about the good things in your life, even if they are minor or just a few. Think of the things you have achieved, about the love in your life, about your skills, and about anything positive in your life.

Even if you have no money, and are living a difficult life, with some thinking, you will find a few blessings. Focus on them, think often of them, and you will discover that they are gradually increasing in your life.

10. Think about the goals you have achieved and the dreams you realized

People tend to think about their failures, frustrations and problems. Thinking often of them makes you feel bad and unhappy. Instead, try to focus on the good things you did and on the goals you have achieved.

Everyone achieved something in his or her life. This need not necessarily be something spectacular. Finding love, getting a job, or baking a delicious cake means success. Carrying out a certain decision, getting tickets for a show or losing weight are also acts of success.

Remind yourself often of any success you have achieved. This is an act of love and kindness, which would increase your confidence and self-esteem.

You do not need to be too harsh with yourself. Be loving and kind toward yourself, and you will become happier, more satisfied, and more loved.