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9 Tips to Improve Your Meditation Skills

Improve Meditation

Do you find it difficult to meditate? Do you encounter obstacles and distractions? Would you like to improve your meditation?

I would like to suggest a few simple tips that can help you improve and deepen your meditation. These tips can make it easier to meditate.

People, who start to meditate, face many distractions that prevent them from meditating.

These distractions do not allow them to focus and experience deep and disturbance-free meditation.

Here are a few examples:

  • Various thoughts pop up in the mind and attract your attention.
  • Thoughts evoke associated feelings and memories, which make you forget to meditate.
  • Worries and anxieties occupy the attention.
  • Noises, scents, and physical sensations disturb your focus.

However, you can learn to ignore, at least to a certain degree, the distractions, disturbances and obstacles that prevent you from meditating and focusing your attention.

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Tips – How to Deepen and Improve the Quality of Your Meditation

in this article, you will find a few tips. If you have been learning to meditate, I am sure you are already familiar with these tips, but it is always a good idea to repeat them.

Tips for deep meditation:

1. Make Peace with Your Mind

After sitting down to meditate, and just before you begin, tell yourself that all thoughts and all problems will have to wait until you finish meditating. Repeat these words firmly several times, so that you remember them when thoughts start to disturb your meditation.

Tell your mind that no matter how important any thought might seem, it has to wait until you finish your meditation. This will help you stay calm and ignore the thoughts that might pop up in your mind during mediation.

2. Avoid Anything that Might Distract Your Attention

When you meditate, you would most probably encounter many interruptions and distractions. Here are a few things you can do to avoid them:

  • Meditate in a place, where you are alone and undisturbed.
  • Close the windows and doors of your room to avoid noise.
  • Take the phone off the hook and switch off your smartphone.
  • Turn off the TV and the radio.
  • Turn off your computer.

3. Try to Meditate at the Same Time of the Day

If you meditate every day at the same hour, it would soon become easier to meditate. The mind will automatically remember to meditate at the same hour, and you will experience less mental resistance.

Early mornings or early evenings are good times for meditation, but you can choose any other convenient hour.

4. Meditate at the Same Place

Try to arrange a quiet place for meditation. It could be a special room, a corner in a room, your office, or in a garden.

It would be a good idea to meditate in the same place, since this will make your mind associate meditation with a certain place, making it easier to meditate when you are there.

5. Don’t Eat before Meditating

After eating, the energies of the body are directed toward the digestive process, at the expense of the mental process. This is why there is a feeling drowsiness after eating a heavy meal.

Please note that hunger is also an obstacle, which can disturb your concentration. If you are too hungry, you may eat a fruit, a slice of bread, or drink a glass of water or juice a little while before sitting down to meditate.

6. Sit Comfortably Holding Your Back Straight
Sitting in a comfortable posture is important. This helps you to avoid tensing your mind and your body.

It is important to be comfortable so that your mind is free to concentrate.

You may sit on the floor, if you find it comfortable, or you may choose to sit on a chair. Do what is more comfortable and less strenuous for your body.

7. Relax Your Body

There is often, a tendency to tense the body when meditating, focusing, or doing any mental work. You need to avoid this habit.

Unnecessary physical tension tires the body and the mind, and does not allow you to focus your attention. This of course, stands in your way to meditate successfully.

You need to learn to relax your body. You can find various appropriate relaxation techniques by searching for them on the Internet.

Here is a useful tip:

Every time you feel that you are your tensing your body, stop what you are doing and relax it to undo the tension. This need not take more than a few moments.

8. Do not Feel Frustrated if Your Mind Gets Distracted

No matter how many times your mind wanders away during meditation, just bring it back calmly to the meditation.

You might repeatedly forget your meditation and think about other matters. That’s natural for an untrained mind. Do not get frustrated or angry at your mind. Keep calm and continue.

9. Keep a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude will take you past difficulties, disturbances and obstacles. Keeping a positive attitude will help you stay calm and poised, and help you improve your meditation

These are just a few simple tips to help you improve your meditation and make it easier to focus.

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