Distractions during Meditation

How to Control Distractions During Meditation

In our current day world, people experience a lot of stressful situations. Although our intentions are always good, the pressures of coping with our dissipations might get the better of us. During such times, negative emotions and feelings germinate and … Continue Reading

Meditations to Overcome Self Consciousness

5 Meditations to Overcome Self Consciousness

Heightened self-consciousness can be a serious problem. It can prevent us from relaxing, especially in social situations, and can make us hyper self-critical. I personally suffered from heightened self-consciousness for years. In my early twenties, anytime I would socialise I … Continue Reading

Why Meditate? Reasons and Advice

Do you know what meditation is? Why meditate at all? What will you get from meditation? Meditation is a mental – spiritual practice that relaxes the mind and the body, and helps you experience inner peace. We all experience stress … Continue Reading

Best Time for Meditation

What Is the Best Time to Meditate?

People, who start meditating, often ask, “What is the best time to meditate?” The short answer is now. Now is the best time to meditate. Actually, any time of the day or night, morning, noon, or evening is good and … Continue Reading

Meditation Is not a Waste of Time

Practicing “Who Am I” Meditation

Meditation might mean different things to different people, and the aims they hope to attain might be different too. Some, meditate because they want to relax their body and mind, and others, because they want to get rid of their … Continue Reading