Meditation Room

How To Create Your Own Meditation Room

Your home is your very own safe haven. You have the living room to relax and entertain guests, the kitchen to enjoy whipping up healthy meals, and your bedroom to sleep and wind down after a long day, among others. Depending on the style and size of your home, some properties have even more extra room and features. One of …

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Mindful Exercise and Meditation

Effects of Mindful Exercise and Meditation on Senior Care

It is now well known that mindfulness meditation and other mindful exercises can have a profound impact on our mental health. But what about its effects on our physical health? Many studies suggest that mindfulness may also play an important role in senior care. It can help improve the quality of life for senior adults. In this blog, we will …

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Meditate Every Day

How Long Should Your Daily Meditation Be?

People have been asking how long should they meditate each day, a short time or a long time. One person asked whether it is advisable to meditate for a whole 10 hours session. Well, that’s not a good and feasible idea. To meditate for 10 hours without stopping? Does the average person has a concentration span of 10 hours? Of …

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Meditation for Self Confidence

5 Meditation Practices that Will Help You Gain Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem takes away our inner strength, poisons our thoughts and feelings, and makes our life full of stress. But there is good news: You can build confidence and grow self-esteem in the comfort of your home with regular meditation practice. All you need is to spend less than 15 minutes a day meditating. Want to try? What Is Self-Confidence? …

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Make Meditation Easy and Fun

8 Ways to Make Meditation Easy and Fun: Beginner’s Guide

Meditation can significantly impact your body, mind, and spirit. It is one of those things that you shouldn’t miss on your schedule. Taking some time to do it can do wonders in your life. But then, you must be sure you’re doing it correctly, especially if you are just getting started. There are various ways to meditate; you should learn …

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the Superconscious Mind

Understanding the Superconscious Mind and Reaching It Through Meditation

The superconscious mind is the layer that lies beyond what one usually experiences through the conscious and subconscious minds. It is the highest level of awareness that promises connection with one’s Intuition in the true sense of the word. To understand the superconscious mind and how one can reach this state through meditation, it’s important to fully understand how your …

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Why Is Meditation Important

Why Is Meditation Important? 6 Facts You Need to Know

Mention meditation in conversation to anyone that hasn’t tried it or understands what it is, and you can often get a blank look and a quick change of subject. This is because some still believe that the only people who practice mediation are free-living hippies. We know, of course, that this couldn’t be further from the truth. There isn’t anything …

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Meditation and Mindfulness Quotes

Are You Looking for Quotes on Meditation, Mindfulness and Inner Peace?

Are you wondering where you can find good and inspiring quotes about meditation? Did you know that mindfulness quotes can teach you a lot about being mindful? Are you, like most people, seeking ways to teach your mind to become peaceful, so you can enjoy inner peace? Nowadays, you can find quotes about any topic in the world by doing …

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Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation: How to Meditate While Walking

Have you heard about walking meditation? This is the topic of the article. Do you go for walks every day, or several times a week? Have you considered using the time you spend on walking, for meditation? You might walk in the city or village, in a local park or on a hiking trail. What do you do when walking? …

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Guided Meditation

Why Guided Meditation Is an Effective First Step to Meditation and Mindfulness

You have learned about meditation, or mindfulness, or both, and have found the practices so fascinating that you have decided to get into them seriously. If it’s meditation, you have already known the different meditation styles there are, you have picked your most preferred style and you are now ready to begin practicing it, but there’s a problem. You don’t …

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