Meditation and Mindfulness Quotes

Are You Looking for Quotes on Meditation, Mindfulness and Inner Peace?

Are you wondering where you can find good and inspiring quotes about meditation? Did you know that mindfulness quotes can teach you a lot about being mindful? Are you, like most people, seeking ways to teach your mind to become peaceful, so you can enjoy inner peace? Nowadays, you can find quotes about any topic in the world by doing …

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Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation: How to Meditate While Walking

Have you heard about walking meditation? This is the topic of the article. Do you go for walks every day, or several times a week? Have you considered using the time you spend on walking, for meditation? You might walk in the city or village, in a local park or on a hiking trail. What do you do when walking? …

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Guided Meditation

Why Guided Meditation Is an Effective First Step to Meditation and Mindfulness

You have learned about meditation, or mindfulness, or both, and have found the practices so fascinating that you have decided to get into them seriously. If it’s meditation, you have already known the different meditation styles there are, you have picked your most preferred style and you are now ready to begin practicing it, but there’s a problem. You don’t …

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Properly Meditate

How to Guide Your Mind, Rest Thoughts & Properly Meditate

Meditating can be tricky, especially when it comes to older people. To be able to guide your brain and channel your thoughts on your mind consciously, you need to focus on one primary thing first. That would be shutting down your mind, at least for a short period, to give your brain rest while being wide awake. Figuring out how …

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Types of Meditation

7 Types of Meditation: Which One Is Right for You?

Have you ever wondered about the different types of meditation? There are multiple different meditation options that you could consider, and fortunately, we’re on hand to give you some new ideas and advice about how to get started. After all, when it comes to your mindfulness and self-happiness, then there are numerous ways you could go about improving your well-being. …

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Meditation Articles and Guidance

Meditation Articles and Guidance from Our Blog

A selection of articles on meditation from our blog, with advice, guidance, tips and information. We have selected here, a few of the many articles on meditation on our blog. We are sure you will find them interesting and useful. Meditation is a technique for relaxing the body, calming down the restlessness of the mind, releasing stress, and stop worrying. …

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Meditation Techniques

6 Meditation Techniques that Will Calm Your Mind

Are you looking for simple, but powerful meditation techniques? Here you will find several meditation techniques suitable both for beginners and for more advanced level. Meditation is one of the best ways to improve the quality of life and enjoy inner peace and happiness. People who don’t know much about meditation, think of it as a meaningless practice, unsuitable for …

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Meditation in Everyday Life

Meditation in Everyday Life – Learn to Watch Your Thoughts

Meditation is not reserved only for people living in an ashram or a cave, or for people whose sole interest is spirituality. Meditation is most useful for the most practical person, and also for the most visionary one. You can practice meditation, even if you are living a most busy and active life. You can work many hours a day, …

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Distractions during Meditation

How to Control Distractions During Meditation

In our current day world, people experience a lot of stressful situations. Although our intentions are always good, the pressures of coping with our dissipations might get the better of us. During such times, negative emotions and feelings germinate and corrupt our minds. Just like the ailing need medicine to recover, mediation helps you to heal your mind, body, and …

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Meditation Tips for Beginners

10 Meditation Tips for Beginners – Let’s Feel Deeper

Often regarded as a mindfulness tactic, meditation is a practice where an individual is able to achieve focus in their mind. Through training, one can heighten their awareness and gain clarity and emotional calmness, reflecting a stable state. Meditation has been proven by many studies to reduce stress, control anxiety levels, and even lengthen the attention span of practitioners. The …

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