Visualization Meditation

Everything You Need to Know About Visualization Meditation

Meditation is an effective practice to promote relaxation and focus on your life. While most people think that meditation is as simple as sitting alone and practicing mindfulness, there are different types of meditation practice. This is precisely what makes meditation so unique. One of the most common meditation techniques …

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Better Mindfulness Meditation

How To Be Mindful: 9 Tips for Better Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is not just about sitting quietly and being present with your thoughts, but it’s also about remaining aware of what’s going on around you as well as within. In fact, mindfulness meditation and its practice are much more than just an exercise. It’s a way of life. Mindfulness meditation …

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At-Home Meditation for Beginners

At-Home Meditation for Beginners: How to Get Started In 2023

You might think that meditation is a recent invention, but it has actually been practiced for thousands of years. Some archeologists date it from approximately 1,500 BCE. Originating from India, it spread to other Asian countries like China and Japan. Today, meditation is practiced globally. Meditation is a practice that …

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Meditation Cards

It Pays to Pray: How Meditation Cards Lead to Mindfulness

If you’re like most meditation newbies, you probably get distracted. We don’t blame you. It’s deceptively hard to clear your mind or pay attention to your breath. Instead of forcing it, you could try adding meditation cards to your mindfulness practice, but what exactly are they? What Are Meditation Cards? …

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Meditation Room

How To Create Your Own Meditation Room

Your home is your very own safe haven. You have the living room to relax and entertain guests, the kitchen to enjoy whipping up healthy meals, and your bedroom to sleep and wind down after a long day, among others. Depending on the style and size of your home, some …

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Mindful Exercise and Meditation

Effects of Mindful Exercise and Meditation on Senior Care

It is now well known that mindfulness meditation and other mindful exercises can have a profound impact on our mental health. But what about its effects on our physical health? Many studies suggest that mindfulness may also play an important role in senior care. It can help improve the quality …

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Meditate Every Day

How Long Should Your Daily Meditation Be?

People have been asking how long should they meditate each day, a short time or a long time. One person asked whether it is advisable to meditate for a whole 10 hours session. Well, that’s not a good and feasible idea. To meditate for 10 hours without stopping? Does the …

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