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Do You Create of Your Thoughts? You Are not Your Thoughts, You Are Their Boss

Creator of Thoughts

Are You the Creator of Your Thoughts?

Do you sometimes wonder why thoughts arise in your mind?

Everyone has certain beliefs, but why these beliefs and not others?

Are the thoughts you think your own, other people’s, or thoughts that you have unconsciously picked from your environment?

Most people believe that what they think originates from their mind and is part of them. They believe they are the creators of their thoughts. However, most thoughts are not ours.

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Much of your thinking is the product of your upbringing, education, and environment. They define your behavior and your life circumstances, but you are not your thoughts.

You need to remember that the ideas that occupy your mind and affect your beliefs, desires, and behavior are not your inner essence; they are just tools.

The Source of Thoughts and Beliefs

Suppose you grew up somewhere else and had a different education. Your thinking and beliefs would most probably have been different.

The TV, the radio, the newspapers, the Internet, and social media also shape our mindset and beliefs to a great extent.

People protect their ideas, points of view, and beliefs fiercely and fight for them, though quite often, these are actually not their own thoughts. They could equally pick up other, completely different ideas and beliefs.

The environment, our family and friends, our upbringing and education, and the outside world shape and program our minds and yet, we believe that our thoughts and beliefs are own, and are produced by us.

  • Every person has certain beliefs and acts in accordance with them.
  • Have you ever analyzed these beliefs and examined why you have them?
  • Do you intentionally decide what beliefs to accept and support?
  • Are you able to reject negative thoughts and feelings?

Most thoughts and beliefs are accepted on the subconscious level, without thinking about them or analyzing them. It is an automatic, unconscious process with no conscious choice.

This is often the reason for becoming the fan of a certain sports team or the fan of a certain singer, and this is the reason for following a certain political party. This is the reason why advertising or emotional speeches work. They affect the subconscious mind, often, without the intervention of the conscious mind.

If this is so, where is your freedom? Where is the freedom to choose? Are you really free?

To be really free, you have to stop and think, and consider whether you need this or that thought, and whether your beliefs have a solid ground.

You can learn to choose, accept or reject thoughts and stop accepting them automatically. You can change the programming of your mind.

You have to learn stop and think before accepting each thought and belief. You can change your mindset. There is no reason to act like a robot.

  • Are you the creator of your thoughts, or do they come from outside of you?
  • Do you realize the importance of being the master and supervisor of your thinking process?

I am not telling you to reject all thoughts and beliefs. Many of them could be important and useful. I am telling you just to be aware of them and not accept them blindly.

How to Think Freely and Independently

  1. How can you be free?
  2. How can you free yourself from your thoughts and beliefs?
  3. What would happen to you, if you get free?

You can learn to master your thoughts, accept the ones you approve and reject others. This would contribute to your mental health and make your mind calm and poised.

You can think in a more independent way, without allowing what you read, hear and see affect your judgement. You can learn not to let other people’s thoughts and beliefs affect your thinking and beliefs. However, this requires some inner work on your part.

This inner work will bring more calmness, happiness, common sense and wisdom into your life.

Remember, You are not your thoughts. These are ideas that pass through your mind.

Thinking often makes you pay attention to past, instead of focusing on the present moment.

True freedom starts when you can rise above your mind, and when you develop the ability to choose or reject thoughts at will.

This happens, when you become more aware and conscious of what passes through your mind, and when you develop a certain degree of focusing your mind.

How to Become Aware of the Thoughts You Think?

  1. Start paying closer attention to your thoughts, and ask yourself whether they are helpful or not, and whether you need them.
  2. Practice concentration exercises and meditation.
  3. Adopt an attitude of detachment toward your thoughts.
  4. Strive not to take personally what people say or do.
  5. Think with common sense and without bias.
  6. Do not take anything for granted or accept what you hear, see or read, without some independent thinking.

This is not something to be won overnight, and is not everyone’s cup of tea. There must be the desire, motivation, and the understanding of the importance and benefits of becoming free from the enslavement of your mind.

You can become an original thinker, choosing what to think about and when to think.

When you allow yourself mental freedom, you become more creative and have a broader vision.

When you free yourself from unwanted, undesirable thoughts, you start mastering your mind and your life, and begin enjoying mental calmness in your everyday life.

“You are not the voice in your mind, but the one who is aware of it.”
– Eckhart Tolle