What Is Freedom

Do you think that you are you free?

Being free means a lot of things, but is it real freedom?

Let’s see what freedom is, and what being free could means:

  • Living is a free country.
  • Being free to do what you want.
  • Delegating responsibilities to someone else.
  • Being financially independent.
  • Solving, and getting rid a long-standing problem.
  • Enjoying a vacation, away from work.
  • Quitting a job you don’t like.

These are just a few examples of the meaning of freedom.

Real freedom is much more than this. It is an inner state. Living in a free country, being able to do what you want with no restrictions, or being financially independent are great, but they do not necessarily make you feel free. They do not free you from mental programming, bias, attachments or beliefs. You may still confine your consciousness and awareness to a small and limited world. You are still ruled by subconscious impulses and programming, which might lead you into all kinds of undesirable situations.

There is another kind of freedom, real freedom, independent of external situations and circumstances. This is inner freedom, which lets you experience a sense of peace, happiness, and limitless freedom.

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