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7 Positive Thinking Books You Should Read

Positive Thinking Books

Positive thinking books that teach about positive thinking and positive attitude are quite popular nowadays. Some of them have been read by millions of people.

These books are motivating and inspiring and can change one’s mindset from negative to positive.

Most of the people who wish to improve their lives, make progress, and realize goals are attracted to such books. If you are reading this article, you are most probably one of them.

Positive thinking has become a very popular topic since Norman Vincent Peale first published his well-known book, The Power of Positive Thinking.

During the following years, many new books have appeared on this topic and about the importance of a constructive and positive mindset for achieving success.

7 Positive Thinking Books to Read

In this article, I would like to mention a few positive thinking books which you should read. To get a greater benefit from these books, you need to read them several times, imbibe their meaning, and strive to follow what they teach.

1. The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale

The first book about positive thinking is, of course, ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale. It is the classic self-help book on positive thinking, originally published in 1952.

In this book, Norman Vincent Peale offers practical instructions. He also describes how to achieve an optimistic attitude through positive, conscious thought, using affirmations and visualizations. This book by Norman Vincent Peale became popular when first published and continues to be popular today.

2. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Dale Carnegie

In this book about positive thinking, Dale Carnegie teaches how to solve worry situations and about the negative consequences of worrying.

Dale Carnegie writes about how words can change your life for the better and how to free the mind. He also writes about celebrating your uniqueness, and about accepting and loving yourself as you are.

His book can help you break down worries and stress, and understand why they are unhealthy for your mind and your body.

3. The Magic of Believing – Claude M Bristol

Another best-seller book about positive thinking is ‘The Magic of Believing’ by Claude M Bristol.

In his book, Claude M Bristol writes about how to tap a vast reservoir of mental power that can direct you to the things you want.

Claude M Bristol was a hardheaded businessperson who saw these methods work for himself and for hundreds of other successful people.

In his book, he teaches how to use the law of suggestion, how to apply the power of your imagination to find ways to overcome obstacles, how to turn thoughts into achievements, and he also teaches other useful things.

4. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This is the classic book about positivity and success by Napoleon Hill, and is one of the most read books ever. More than 100 million copies had been sold worldwide.

The book is about making more money, but the author says that his philosophy can help people succeed in any line of work, and become anything they can imagine.

This book has helped and inspired many to achieve success in their lives.

The book asserts that desire, faith, and persistence can propel one to great heights if one can suppress negative thoughts and focus on long-term goals.

Among other things, Napoleon Hill, speaks in his book about desire, faith, autosuggestion, imagination, the power of the master mind, and other topics.

5. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

In his book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Joseph Murphy explains the mind-focusing techniques that remove the subconscious obstacles that prevent us from achieving success.

Dr. Murphy brings real life examples that show how to unleash the mental powers to build self-confidence, improve relationships, achieve success, gain wealth, and conquer bad habits.

6. A Man Thinketh – James Allen

The logic of the book, ‘As a Man Thinketh’ by James Allen, follows the premise that thoughts can shape one’s life. If you think negatively, you will create a life full of negative circumstances. However, if you mainly think positive thoughts, you will attract positive circumstances.

The book actually says that we attract whatever it is that we think about.

7. Positive Thinking – The Power to Succeed

Positive Thinking – The Power to Succeed is the book that my wife Dorina and I have written about positive thinking.

This book about positive thinking teaches simple, effective positive thinking techniques that anyone can use to become more positive and optimistic.

In this book, we explain and guide how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and thereby, bring happiness and joy into your life.

You will find in this book, advice and simple techniques to help you build up positive thinking.

These are not the only books about positive thinking. There are many other good titles. In this list, I have mentioned just a few ones to get you started.

What matters is not the number of books that you read. What matters is how much of the information you use and implement in your life.

Choose one of the books, read it a few times, and try to follow the guidance it offers.

To Be Positive, You Have to Unlearn Negative Thinking

It might seem strange, but it is easier and seems to require less effort to be negative and think negative thoughts. People are usually not born with a positive mindset.

There is so much negativity around, and the media seems to emphasize negative news, since they are more dramatic.

Many encounter difficulties, obstacles and problems, and tend to focus on them, thereby, maximizing their effect.

To be positive, you have to unlearn old habits and negative attitude, and build new, positive, constructive ones. You need to learn to change your mindset.

This of course, requires some inner work on your part.

You need to learn how to think positive, and there are special techniques that can help you in this respect.

Reading a book about positive thinking would make you realize the importance of this way of thinking. It will also, most probably, incite your desire to know more.

You have to undo negative thinking and adopt a positive attitude toward life, people and your goals.

The good news is that you can learn and adopt a positive attitude. You can develop this skill, and there are certain methods that can help you do that.

Choose any book about positive thinking from this list, and start practicing this attitude. You will not regret it.