Sticky, Bothering Thoughts

Do Sticky Thoughts Occupy Your Mind?

Do you have sticky thoughts that you cannot remove from your mind? Do you have bothering thoughts that keep running nonstop in your mind, causing you pain, but you are unable to stop? Everyone has sticky thoughts that come in without asking permission. They are repetitive and annoying, distracting the …

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Emotionally Detached

How to Become Emotionally Detached and What Are the Benefits

You might have come across the words ’emotional detachment’. If you read descriptions of what it is, you have probably read about its negative effects. defines it as: “Emotional detachment is an inability or unwillingness to connect with other people on an emotional level. For some people, being emotionally …

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Stop the Mental Noise

How to Stop the Mental Noise

What is the mental noise? It is the constant chatter of the mind that never stops. It is the tendency of the mind to think nonstop. It is the inner conversation or inner monologue that goes on constantly in the mind. It is a sort of inner voice that constantly …

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Inner Peace

What Is Inner Peace and How to Find It

“Learn to be calm and you will always be happy.” – Paramahansa Yogananda I have written many articles about inner peace and explained its meaning, since it seems that most people do not know what it really means. Some time ago, I received an email from a reader. In her …

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The Restless Mind

The Restless Mind – The Constantly Thinking Mind

Do you sometimes wonder why your mind follows each thought and idea that pops up? Why do you spend time thinking meaningless or unimportant thoughts? Why you keep repeating thoughts that make you unhappy, anxious and worried? The natural tendency of the mind is to be restless and to think …

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Make Peace of Mind a Habit

How to Turn Peace of Mind Into a Habit

What do you prefer, a restless, agitated mind, or a peaceful mind? The answer is quiet obvious. No one “enjoys” stress and mental restlessness. Too often, life leads you into unpleasant and difficult situations that lead to stress, anger and lack of inner peace. The Benefits of a Peaceful Mind …

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Inner Peace and Tranquility

20 Reasons Why You Need Inner Peace and Tranquility

Inner peace means equanimity, inner harmony, and the absence of disturbing or distracting thoughts. It means a peaceful mind that can stay calm and recollected in every situation. Inner peace is not reserved only for yogis, hermits or monks, living in some far away place, praying or meditating all day …

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Peace at the Workplace

How to Stay Peaceful and Avoid Stress at Work

Work, brings together people of different temperament, character, and behavior, and this often, causes friction, resentment and stress. People spend hours at work every day, but often, the work causes stress, exhaustion and unhappiness. Sometimes, the boss is too demanding. Colleagues might be rude. There might be too much stress …

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