Inner Peace

Tips to Attain State of Inner Peace

Introduction Inner peace can be defined as the state of being spiritually and mentally at peace with enough understanding and knowledge to keep you strong in times of stress or discord. Being at peace is healthy and can be achieved … Continue Reading

Feeling Free

What Is Freedom and How to Gain It

Do you believe that you are you really free? Real freedom does not mean just physical freedom. It also means mental and emotional freedom. What does freedom mean and how to gain and enjoy it? Being free means a lot … Continue Reading

Peace Comes From Within

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” -Buddha If you have more money, would you be more peaceful? If you achieve your dreams, would you experience more peace? Do you think that you enjoy a state of inner … Continue Reading

Too Much Empathy Does Not Help Anyone

Look at the people around you, and you will discover that almost everyone seems to get emotionally involved with other people’s pains and problems. They get involved, and get affected, not only by close people, but also with the problems … Continue Reading

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself

How do you feel when your plans do not work out? How do you feel, and how do you react, when an electrical appliance stops working? How do you react when a driver suddenly enters into the lane in front … Continue Reading