Boost Your Positivity

8 Strategies to Boost Your Day-to-Day Positivity

It can be a challenge to overcome negativity, especially when your world is particularly chaotic. Perhaps your supervisor at work gave you a particularly bad review for a recent project or maybe your family is undergoing some financial issues causing tension in the household. Whatever the stimulus that’s negatively affecting you, it’s important to realize that you do have a …

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Why You Should Think Positively

Five Reasons Why You Should Think Positively

There are plenty of reasons, why you should think positively. In this article, you will find five of them. When you know the reasons, you would be more motivated to adopt this attitude. A positive outlook on life can remove stress from your life. Why Being Positive Is Important Here are a few reasons to consider. 1. Happiness A positive …

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Guard Your Mind

Guard Your Mind Against the Negative Thoughts

“Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power.” – Shirley MacLaine – Today, most of us are very conscious about our health and body. We take care what to eat and when to eat. When it comes to what we are feeding our mind, we don’t care much about it. Look around you. Whatever you are watching and whatever …

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Worries Are Like Clouds that Pass Through the Sky

Do you worry sometimes? Well, this is a silly question, since everybody worries sometimes, some more, some less. What are worries? They are just thoughts that pass through the mind. They are not facts. They are not the truth. They have no reality. They are like a mental game of asking, “What if…”, and nothing more. Look at the clouds …

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Reading the Newspaper

Do You Read the Newspaper While Traveling by Train or Bus?

A few days ago, I traveled by train out of town in the morning. The train was very crowded. All the seats were taken, and a lot of passengers, including me, were standing. When I looked around, I noticed a strange sight. Almost everyone on the train was reading a newspaper, the passengers who were sitting, as well as the …

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Snow Climbing

The 1 Question that Kills Inaction

Imagine you’re on a solo backpacking expedition in the arctic! You’re hiking uphill in the subzero whipping wind, with a 50-pound pack of survival supplies on your back. The route is inclining steeper and STEEPER, and through the blur of snowy wind you can see the outlines of giant snowdrifts forming in your path. The elements seem to be against …

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Creating Positive changes in Your Life

Creating Positive changes in Your Life with Energy Psychology

We all want to change things in our lives. I have not met anyone who does not have this desire. We are all looking for something whether that be a better job, a bigger home, a newer car, the right partner, better or new friends, more money. We wish to resolve emotional difficulties, move forward with our lives in a …

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Make Your Life Better

This Year… Make Your Life Better… Every Day!

Most people are disappointed for what they have achieved in life within a year. Actually, you can start changing your life for the better this year! It is not really difficult to make and begin the changing. What you just need is to have a plan, execute it, and keep reviewing it to ensure you are on track to achieve …

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How To Free Your Mind of Worry

Learning how to free your mind from worry, and reduce the overall amount of stress in your life is the key to having a happier and more fulfilling life. There is nothing more agonizing, when you have problems from work, your relationship or health affecting your mind. However there are several simple techniques that can learn which can be used …

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In 1999, my five-year-old nephew sat in the bleachers with my family members and attended my high-school graduation at a local college stadium. Last night, I attended my now 17-year-old nephew’s graduation at the same location. I’m 31 now, and watching his graduation experience thirteen years later was surreal. As I’m sitting in the bleachers, I couldn’t help but think …

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