Are You an Optimist or Pessimist?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you know what is the difference between an optimistic person and one that is pessimistic? I have recently heard someone saying that he is a pessimistic person and has no expectations, since … Continue Reading

10 Tips for Starting Your Day

How do you begin your day? Do you feel happy or depressed, energetic or washed out? Do you expect a good day, or do you think about your problems? The way you start your day, affects your moods and behavior, … Continue Reading

How to Avoid Negative Thinking

It is no secret that negative thinking is part of almost everyone’s life. For some reason, it seems it is easier to think negative thoughts, than to think positive thoughts. Sometimes, there are more negative thoughts, and sometimes fewer, depending … Continue Reading

Is It Difficult to Think Positively?

Do you think it is difficult to think positively? When you try to think positively, do all kinds of negative thoughts rise and fill your mind? Do you find it difficult to wish yourself good things? Do you find it … Continue Reading

How to Build a Positive Attitude

How to Build a Positive Attitude – 15 Tips

A positive attitude brings light and life into your life, like a shining sun on a beautiful day. Building a positive attitude is like holding a powerful torch that lights your life. People are often too focused on their problems, … Continue Reading

High Expectations and Disappointments

Do you think that the higher your expectations are the greater can be the disappointment? Does this thought hold you from doing things in your life? If you think in this way, you will either refrain from acting, or subconsciously … Continue Reading

Every Problem Has a Limited Life Span

Everything has a beginning and an end. Every story has a beginning and an end. Streets start at a certain point and end at a certain point. A plant grows up and then withers, and then, from it seeds another … Continue Reading