Success Is not Down to Luck

Success Is NOT Down to Luck

Does This Sound Like You? Everything apart from you is to blame, for the fact that you don’t have the money; the business, the perfect career, and that red Ferrari 458 – you know, the one that makes that super uproar and turns everyone’s heads, leaving the crowd asking “How did they buy that?” You blame your upbringing, the people …

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Habits of Winners

7 Worth-Knowing Habits of the Winners

In our society, you will find lots of people aiming to get a successful life but sadly not all of them actually get success in life. Always remember that becoming a winner in your life is not an easy task until you have the right approach to it. If you have a passion for getting success in your life but …

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What You Believe You Can Achieve

What You Think and Believe, You Can Achieve

A few days ago, I came across Napoleon Hill’s quote, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.” I believe that a great number of people have read this quote, liked it, and were inspired by it. However, how many really thought about it, acted according to it, and achieved what they conceived …

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Should I Crash My Dreams or Do Something about Them?

I love taxi drivers. They have a certain wisdom that never ceases to inspire me. Most of us meet the same people every day, but taxi drivers meet, and talk with many different people during their workday. Over the years, they become amazingly interesting people. One day, my car was at the garage, and I had to take a taxi …

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Career Goals

How to Be Worth a Damn

Are you feeling like you’re not worth a damn? You’re not alone. In the world where everyone is trying to become successful, it’s hard to be an ordinary guy or girl. While some people are lucky to instantly become successful, others spend years trying to gain at least the tiniest piece of success. There’s a popular belief that successful people …

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How to Be Successful and Happy

How to Be Successful and Happy in a Lifetime

Let’s face it. We, people, are simple souls with big dreams. We want to achieve our goals, do what we love, become successful and live a happy life. We want freedom and value, to help people to change from the inside out and for them to achieve their dreams. It’s our heart’s desire, a dream that deserves to come true. …

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What Makes Successful People Successful? The 5 Common Traits

What makes successful people successful? What are the common traits? When it comes to living a successful life, everyone seems to want a piece of it. Nobody wants to live a mediocre life, everyone wants to be successful. Unfortunately, those who have truly accomplished remarkable results in life are rare. And this is what makes being successful something even more …

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Traits that Determine Success

The 5 Life-Changing Traits that Will Determine Your Success in Life

When it comes to achieving remarkable success in life, everyone seems to be interested to learn the secret behind. This is because everyone wants to be successful, but unfortunately, most people are not living the life that they desire. The truth is that everyone possesses the same potential to achieve amazing results in their lives. The problem is whether they …

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Habit of Self-Discipline

Working Out, Success, and the Habit of Self-Discipline

Yesterday, my daughter had to go to work earlier than usual, and since the gym where I work out is not far from her office, I decided to take her to work and then go to the gym. At quite an earlier hour, the gym was already full with men and women of all ages, working out and exercising. I …

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Success and Career

The Incredible Simple Way to Grow in Your Career and Life

You want to climb the ladder in your career. Fast. You want to have all relationships in awesome manner. The sad truth is it isn’t how you expected. People get sad; you don’t know what to do. In your job, others seem to do exact same thing like you. Yet you are moving no where and they are getting promotions …

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