Success and Career

The Starting Point of All Achievement Is Desire

Napoleon Hill said, “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” Every achievement has to start with desire. It is very simple, if you do not have a strong desire, you will not bother to invest any effort and time in achieving any goal. You will simply not care enough. If you examine your life, and think about the things …

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Key to Success

What Are the Six Important Keys to Success to Follow?

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” – John Maxwell Everyone wants success. We think about success, we read about other people’s success, and we wish could be successful too. Success means many things, …

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Dare to Think Big

Six Ways to Let Go of Mediocracy and Pursue Greatness

Are you mediocre? No one wants to be mediocre. No one wants to admit they’re mediocre. Yet, so many of us are. So we work harder. Try harder. People are mediocre because they forgot (or never figured out) why they’re here, and instead of following their bliss, they’re following safety. Take an example of a business owner who is scared …

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Rebound from Failure

On the Path of Success: How to Rebound from Failure

Who wants to fail? No one. But it is inevitable. Life is full of ups and downs, and you can’t expect never to face a downward spiral in your life. Failures come in different shapes and sizes – there’s no escaping them. They may be challenging, but it’s not impossible to overcome them. So, don’t beat yourself up or drown …

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Push Yourself Harder

The Top 5 Remarkable Ways to Push Yourself Harder

I love writing about hard work because I realized that through it, one can reach high levels of success, and go places he or she has never imagined. Deep inside us, we know that hard work is the key to success. However, despite this knowledge, we always find it difficult to push ourselves harder. In the early stages of implementing …

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Time for Change

The New Year Is Like a Book with Blank Pages

The new coming year is like a book with blank pages, which you need to fill with new stories. On the Eve of a new year, everyone has hopes for a better, happier and more successful year. A new year symbolizes a new beginning, and we all hope that every beginning leads to better things. Do we do something beyond …

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Missing Ingredient of Success

The Missing Ingredient in Your Recipe for Success

“Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.” – Jim Rohn What does success look like, to you, exactly? Maybe you can describe it in ten words or less. Maybe not. Like happiness, It’s a tricky beast, ever changing. You think you’ve grasped it but at the last minute it slips from …

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Career Goals

Six Tips to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals in No Time

We all desire to be successful in our endeavors, especially when it comes to our professional life. In this article, we will look at career goals and which are the best ways to achieve them. Achieving professional success is tied to some essential tips that all people should take into account. These tips are listed below. Tips for Achieving Career …

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Steve Jobs

5 Main Secret Tactics to Becoming as Successful as Steve Jobs

Have you ever tried to define the term success? The modern man is forced to develop specific skills that help him succeed in the material world. Those skills usually come down to the ability of making money. We often see people becoming less thoughtful when they want to become more successful. It’s time to remind ourselves of the real meaning …

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Success Quotes

Why People Love Reading Success Quotes

Do you love reading success quotes? Most people love reading them. Many search the Internet every day for quotes about success. This is quite understandable. Everyone wants success, and everyone wants to be reminded about success. Reading a few quotes about success now and then, inspires and motivates the reader, and awakens the desire to progress in life and to …

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