Yoga and Emotional Intelligence

Yoga and Emotional Intelligence

Yoga is an ancient practice focused on improving mental and physical well-being. No longer just a form of exercise, it has become a way of life for many people and countless celebrities. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice with origins in Hinduism. It includes physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. It can help individuals develop emotional intelligence. Balancing the mind …

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Home Fitness

Best Home Fitness Plans

Exercising has never been more of a point of interest for maintaining our emotional and physical wellbeing as it is now. It is crucial for reaching optimum health. With more and more people working from home during the week because of the pandemic changing work patterns, finding the best home workouts has become essential to most who wish to remain …

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Make Business Sustainable

Beyond Green – Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable in 2022

For many companies, sustainability is no longer just a good idea – it’s a tool for self-preservation. Businesses of all sizes have a significant impact on the environment. As a business owner, you can have a positive or negative effect. Business sustainability is a popular practice nowadays in the mind of green brands. Buyers are more willing to buy from …

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Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating – Your Healthy Relationship with Food

Intuitive eating is an eating method that encourages a healthy relationship with food. It promotes body positivity and focuses on recognizing and honouring hunger. Dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch coined the term “intuitive eating” in their 1995 book, Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Diet Approach. However, they were not the first people to teach the principles of this eating method. …

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Creative Therapy

What You Need to Know about Creative Therapy

Creative therapy uses art-based activities, such as music and dance, to help treat emotional and mental health conditions. Creative therapy is a form of therapy that encourages a person to work through their issues using art-based exercises. Keep reading to learn more about creative therapy, including the types, how they work, and some conditions they may help with. What Is …

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Ways to Incorporate Self-Care

Prioritizing Yourself: 7 Simple Ways to Incorporate Self-Care

Do you find yourself striving to have it all, do it all and be everything to everyone? If so, you know that it comes at a cost: It is easy to lose sight of yourself in the process. Worse yet, somewhere along the way, you were led to believe that taking care of yourself has translated into being selfish. Actually, …

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High-Quality Sleep

Why and How to Get High Quality Sleep Every Night

I shouldn’t need to remind you this, but sleep is crucial for our well-being. However, many people don’t realize that getting high-quality sleep is just as important as getting enough sleep. Sleep quality is often determined by how restful and restorative your sleep is, and getting eight hours’ worth of sleep doesn’t mean much if you keep waking up in …

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Influence of Cultural Identity

Influence of Cultural Identity on Mental Health

Thankfully, societal concern for mental health is growing daily, and awareness is being spread far and wide about the danger. There is a wealth of online and offline information about the causes of this issue, but despite all the buzz, one significant cause has not been touched on until recently, cultural identity. This factor has an astounding impact on mental …

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Running Keeps You Mentally Sharp

How to Keep Yourself Mentally Sharp Through Running

Running is a great way to build muscle, improve your cardiovascular health, and work off any extra calories you may have consumed. Running brings considerable advantages not only to your physical health but to your mental health as well. Let’s look at how to keep yourself mentally sharp through running. 1) Physical Benefits of Running Before we list out how …

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Manage Stress

How to Consciously Manage Stress

Stress is a common occurrence in most people, especially during the last few years. In fact, 68% of individuals reported heightened stress levels during the pandemic, according to the American Psychological Association. Stress can make everyday activities difficult to manage; for example, stress and anxiety can prevent you from relaxing during a dentist visit, and may cause you to miss …

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