Spiritual awakening

Healing Third Eye Chakra Migraine

We all know that spiritual energies affect us, but did you know that there can be a spiritual root for diseases like migraine? Although there are other specific reasons why we may have a migraine, when it persists, it is … Continue Reading

Tips for Overcoming Anxietudes

12 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety in various forms and degrees seems to be a wide-spread problem, affecting people of all ages and in all areas of life. Some people suffer from it more and some less, depending on various factors. If you are prone … Continue Reading

Inner Dialogue

The Inner Dialogue – The Internal Dialogue

Do you talk with yourself? When we hear people talking aloud with themselves, we consider this to be weird. This, of course refers to taking aloud. However, almost all people conduct an automatic inner dialogue, inner conversation in their mind, … Continue Reading