Why It is Most Important to Improve Your Focus and Attention Span

Increase Your Attention Span

Have you measured your attention span? Is it long or short?

How long can you focus solely on one thing before your attention goes somewhere else: five seconds, ten seconds, one minute, or more?

Why is the duration of your attention span important?

The longer your attention span is, the more successful you can become with anything you choose to do.

If your mind keeps going from one thought to another, like a car without brakes, if every beep of your cell phone captures your attention and you feel compelled to look at the screen, how can you focus effectively on anything?

Lack of Focus and Short Attention Span

  • Do you often make mistakes and errors, make bad decisions, burn the food you are cooking, or endanger yourself and others while driving?
  • Do you hardly hear what people are speaking due to lack of attention, and therefore miss important information?
  • Are you feeling that you are losing your communication skills?
  • Are you too impatient to read an article or book?

All this means that you are losing one of the most important skills a human can possess – concentration of mind.

All this is due to a lack of focus and concentration.

Lack of the ability to control your mind and direct it where you want and when you want speaks of a lack of concentration. It means a scattered mind.

Being tossed from one thought to another, from one idea to another, from one sense impression to another is exhausting and weakening. It sabotages your focus and your peace of mind.

This constant stream of thoughts and the tendency to allow each thought that pops up to occupy your attention consumes your energy and distracts your attention.

Letting every news item and every post on social media affect your mood and state of mind is not the proper way to live.

You might say that you can do nothing about al; this. You might think it is the human nature to be distracted easily, and that you just cannot control your mind and attention.

This is completely wrong. If you accept this fallacy you are allowing yourself to act like a robot that is programmed to act in a certain manner.
You can stop acting like a robot.

Wake up and Claim Your Mastery Over Your Mind

You can improve your concentration skill. You can increase your attention span. You should increase the length of your attention span if you wish to get more from life.

If you wish to be as everyone, to be led, to be told what to think, what to do and what to wear, without being unique, do not increase your attention span. Do not try to be the master of your mind. Is this what you want?

However, if you decide that you want to rise above your current situation, excel in what you do, reach new heights in your chosen field, and become a role model for others, you need to be more conscious and more aware of what is going on in your mind. For making this happen, you need a good measure focusing skills.

With the current state of the world, when more and more people are suffering from lack of focus and concentration, only the those that train their mind to focus will be the ones who are really living, achieving, and doing something worthwhile.

How to Improve Your Focus

  • What can you do to improve your attention span?
  • You need to train yourself to focus your mind.
  • How do you do that?

You train your mind by practicing concentration exercises.

Wait a moment before thinking it is too difficult and leaving this article. This training not so difficult as you might think.

Can you spare just 5 minutes a day for this practice? As a beginner, even with five minutes a day you will start to see improvement.

As you make progress, and you will begin to like the exercises. Then, you can move to ten minutes a day of practice. You spend hours every day texting or watching TV and videos. You surely can take just 10 minutes of these hours and devote to an extremely worthy cause.

Why not leap forward and get more control over your life? For this, you need to learn focus on what you are doing for an extended period of time, not for just a short moment.

You need to develop the ability to ignore everything that is not related to what you are doing at the moment, while working, reading, studying or exercising. You need a distraction-free concentration.

Cell Phones and Lack of Focus

Every day, I see people going for a walk, but instead of enjoying the scenery around them and relaxing their mind, they keep their glued to the screen of their phone, hardly looking where they are going.

At work, during meals, on the bus or train, and everywhere else, people just keep looking at the screen of their phone, read messages and text. Does this lead anywhere? Yes, it teaches the mind to be restless, nervous, and unable to enjoy the moment.

  1. Next time you go for a walk or sit down to eat your meal, switch off your phone (yes, this can be done) or put it on mute, and try to enjoy the time.
  2. While walking, focus your attention on the world around you and you will discover many things that you have never noticed before.
  3. While eating, focus on the act of eating, on the smell and taste of the food, on the colors of the food on your plate. You will enjoy your food much more than with a phone in front of you.
  4. When reading a book, focus on what you are reading. If your mind wanders away, bring it back to the book.
  5. While studying, you will learn more and better in a shorter time, if you put your phone away, and also switch off your TV or radio.

Start Today to Improve your Focus and Attention Span

If you wish to do well in exams, get better grades or learn new things you need attention and concentration. You need to focus on what you are doing, without paying attention to other matters. You need a distraction-free mind.

You need to improve your attention span.

Now that you are aware the importance of focus and concentration, don’t you think that it is time now to do something about it?

It is not as difficult as you might think. It is within your reach. Even a little improvement is worthwhile.

It is most simple and most rewarding to start improving your focusing skills. You can find all the information, instructions, advice and exercises in my book, “Focus Your Attention“.

In this book, I explain in simple words what you need to do to improve your concentration, provide advice and guidance, and most importantly, offer you simple, but powerful exercises.

It is an eBook in PDF format, which you can download and read on the screen of your desktop, laptop, smartphone or your tablet, and you can also print out if you wish.

Do not be afraid of some mental work. You can start with just a few minutes a day, and as your skills improve, you can lengthen the time of exercising.

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