Why You Need to Learn to Focus and Control Your Mind

Focus and Control Your Mind

The mind is the thinking engine that you use for many purposes, every minute, every second, whether you are aware or not of the process.

The mind keeps on thinking all the time, but are all your thoughts important? Do they add value to your life?

The answer is NO! Worrying, overthinking, and dwelling on problems are useless mental activities. They are just a waste of time and energy.

Often, thoughts take our attention away, disrupting focus and attention. This can adversely affect our work, studying, and our actions.

Lack of focus and attention can lead to mistakes, to problems, to failure, and to inconvenience. This can happen in business, in sports, in school, and in everyday life.

Do you have control over your thinking process? Most people don’t, for the simple reason that:

  1. It never occurs to them they can control their thoughts.
  2. They don’t know how to control their thoughts.

Do you often catch yourself thinking on irrelevant matters, following meaningless thoughts, or dwelling on past hurts? Do you keep thinking on what other people said or did?

If you do, it means that you lack control of your mind, lack peace, and lack focus. You need to learn to remedy this situation.

Is Your Mind Disobedient? learn to Focus Your Mind

Is your mind obedient to you? Can you tell it to be silent, and it will be quiet?

Can you focus your mind on what you think or do, or does your mind evade control?

You use your mind in almost everything you do, and you surely appreciate a mind that is focused. You have certainly been in situations where you wished your mind were more obedient and focused.

What can you do about it?

People are not usually born with the ability to focus their minds. The mind needs to be trained to be focused, trained to be obedient, and trained to be quiet when you want it to be quiet.

You might think that this is impossible. However, with some training you can, at least partially, control your mind and your thoughts.

You gain a lot if you do so.

  • There are so many things around you that draw your attention.
  • There so many things to do every day.
  • You constantly encounter many distractions that are difficult to resist.
  • Many thoughts attempt to claim your attention.
  • There are always noises, sense impressions and people around you, clamoring for your attention.

How can you focus your mind in this situation?

No wonder it is difficult to focus the mind and ignore thoughts and other distractions.

Yet, it’s possible to change this situation. You might not gain full control over your thinking process, but even partial control is something wonderful that will improve your life considerably.

Techniques for Focusing and Controlling the Mind

There are various techniques to control the mind and become its master, instead of its slave. You can find them here, at this website and in my books.

There are several external means to calm the mind, such as hypnosis or calming music. They might be suitable for some people, and might bring some quick results, but you are not in control of the process.

Programming your mind to become calm through external means do not put you in control of your mind and thoughts.

These means do not make you the boss of your mind.

I prefer techniques where you are in control. Techniques that expand your awareness, increase your inner strength, and put you in charge of your mind.

The techniques I am talking about are not about programming the mind. They are about developing real and conscious inner strength. They increase your self-awareness, expand your consciousness and put you in control of your mind.

This of course requires some effort, attention and discipline, but the rewards are much great. I am referring to:

  • Discipline
  • Concentration exercises
  • Meditation
  • Ways to calm the chatter of the mind
  • Detachment

All these methods increase your ability to become more conscious of yourself and of life, develop your inner strength and give you understanding of how the mind works.

These methods bestow you the inner power to control your mind and thoughts, and even your emotions, in accordance with your will.

Why Learning to Focus Is Worth Your Time and Effort

After you learn to focus and control your mind, your thinking becomes clearer, your comprehension faster, and your memory stronger. A well-focused mind puts you in a better position to make decisions and follow them, and to persevere with whatever you do.

When your mind is not focused, it constantly jumps from one thought to another, it is restless and lacks inner peace.

When your mind is focused and concentrated it becomes quieter and more obedient, and you see and understand everything better, faster and more clearly.

It’s worth your time and effort to gain the ability focus and control your mind. It is a skill that is useful in every area of life, studying, sports, business, career, self improvement or meditation.

Recommended Resources to Learn to Focus and Control Your Mind

In my books I strive to bring you practical advice, guidance, instructions and exercises, so that you get real results.

Here is a list of books that would help you gain control over your mind, thoughts and behavior.

Build Up Willpower and Self Discipline

This book teaches how to strengthen your willpower and self-discipline. With these skills well-developed, you are in a better position to control your mind, your life, and your habits.

You will find here simple exercises that you can practice at any time or place, which would increase your willpower, self-discipline and inner strength.

Focus Your Attention

Here you will learn how to improve your concentration skills and increase your attention span. You will learn how to control your mind.

You will also find concentration exercises to increase your focus and mental strength.

A focused mind enables you to carry out everything more efficiently and makes your mind less restless.

Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

The mind is constantly thinking, jumping from one thought to another, never staying still. This might, at times, be tiring and exhausting, and prevents you from experiencing inner peace.

This book teaches how to calm down the nonstop chatter of the mind, avoid overthinking, stop inflating every difficulty beyond proportions, and stop being bothered by worries and unimportant thoughts.

Eventually, you will be able to enjoy inner peace in your life, with your mind under you control.

Emotional Detachment for Happier Life

Imagine how free, relieved and happy you would be, if you could stay calm and poised in stressful situations.

Think how much physical, emotional, and mental energy you could spare, if you could avoid becoming upset or angry.

Imagine how free and calm you would feel, if you did not take everything too personally and could stop becoming upset by what people say and do.

This book teaches how to make this come true. It also teaches how to let go of negative thoughts and emotions and stay poised in stressful situations.

Which book to start with? They all will help you, and they complement each other. You can work with several books at the same time, since you don’t have to spend much time each day training yourself, Even 10 minutes a day would eventfully bring results.