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Why Goals Are Important and How They Affect Your Life

Why Goals Are Important

Do you really need to have goals in your life?

Is it good to have goals?

  • It’s a good idea to have goals in life, because they give you a reason to get up in the morning.
  • Goals make you feel alive and energetic, and give you a sense of purpose.
  • Goals make life more interesting, fascinating and full of adventure.

These need not be big goals. Even small goals count. They make you a doer, instead of being a passive person.

Remember, it is not the accomplishment of the goal that is important, but the way to it.

Don’t be impatient to reach your goal, become obsessed with it, and forget everything else. It’s a journey, so enjoy the journey.

The view at the final destination is no less important than the scenery on the way.

On the way to your goal you make use of your creativity and acquire new skills. You do things, overcome obstacles and get wiser.

You also meet new people and encounter challenging situations. This makes life interesting and each day a great day.

Why Goals Are Important

A goal is important, not because of the goal itself or because you are accomplishing a dream.

A goal gives meaning to life, and life stops being boring. This is important not only for young people, but for older people and retired people.

When you arrive to the age of retirement, it’s not the end of your active life. it’s the beginning of a new life and new plans. Embrace the change and and decide on new goals. This will keep you busy, and therefore, keep you energetic and happy.

It’s not so much about accomplishing your goal, as being busy, doing things, and expressing the energy of the Universe through you.

Pursue goals not just from a materialistic point of view, but as a way to express the energy and life of the Spirit, Universal Mind, Universal energy, or whatever other name people call the Life Force.

Look at a blade of grass. It often grows through concrete when it finds a small crack. It does not say, “what’s the use?”. It has an innate desire to grow and live.

This is what goals do, make you grow and feel more alive. That’s why they are important for any age.

Remember, though goals are important, don’t forget other things, like your life, joy and inner peace. And if you don’t get the results you intended to get, accept the situation calmly. You have not failed. You acted, you did things, you enjoyed the process and got wiser.

Various Types of Goals

There is one important thing to realize, goals are not just about more money, more possessions, promotion and a good job.

If this is all you want you are limiting yourself. You might get them, but will you be happy after getting them? Maybe you will, but this might not be for a long time.

Once you accomplish a goal, you will soon start pursuing the next one, without even enjoying the fruits of your goal.

You might find yourself spending all your life pursuing one goal after another. That might be okay, but where is your life and where is your happiness? Don’t forget yourself in the process.

There are people who only desire material things, like money, possessions and position. For others, different kinds of goals are more important.

There are people who seek to live a spiritual life. Their goals might be to delve deeper into meditation, awaken their awareness, and reach greater spiritual heights.

These too are goals, and there is a great number of people who appreciate these goals.

Self improvement, overcoming negative habits and building new, positive habits are also worthy goals.

Finding love, starting a family and having children are goals that are dear to most people.

Building a better society, teaching people to be patient, tolerant and kind are lofty goals.

As you see, there are many goals to choose from, and the above is just a tiny list.

Do not Become a Slave to Your Goals

Follow your goals, but do not get obsessed with them.

If you discover at some point that your goals stopped being important for you, it’s okay to detach yourself from them.

Don’t forget about your life, your hobbies and your family.

Don’t forget about exercising your body.

It is important to focus on your goals and not scatter your energies if you wish to accomplish a certain goal. However, you also need to find time for yourself, for your family, for exercise, and the tasks of daily life.

Follow your goals, but also learn not to be attached to them. It’s good to display some detachment. This will help you avoid stress and impatience.

Goals Can Be Small and Can Be Big

A goal can be creating a successful business, becoming famous, or creating a successful multinational company,

However most people do not go so far. For many, the goal can be finding love, having a good job, getting a promotion or moving to a better apartment.

Others just wish to have a calm and safe life, and that’s okay.

It won’t be correct to judge people by the size of their ambitions, the size of their goals, the amount of money they have or their position and status. It’s just that some want more and others settle with less.

Bigger goals do not make a person wiser, happier, smarter or stronger.

Having bigger goals does not make one a more important person. It is just that such a person thinks differently and desires different things.


Do you now realize why you need goals in your life?

It is not that you should always aim at something and be goal oriented.. Many goals seem important, but they are not. Some do not give you the happiness and joy you expect, and others are not really important.

What the goal does to you is often more important than the goal itself. It gives you a sense of purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.

Choose your goals carefully, because not every one of them is worth your time and effort. Use your common sense.

  • Aim at things that really matter and make a difference in your life and in other people’s lives.
  • Choose to accomplish what you really want, not what others think you should do, and not because it is something other people want too.

You need to have goals at any age, not because it’s important th have and get things, but because they give you energy, zest and the feeling of being alive.

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